Children's Mental Health Week on May, 2024: My friend is in the Alberta Children's Hospital Mental Health Facility?

Children's Mental Health Week 2024. Children's mental health week K-12 mental health games and activities for educators & parents.

My friend is in the Alberta Children’s Hospital Mental Health Facility?

I don't know anything about that particular place, but I WAS in a mental health hospital for depression. I was there a week.

UK children’s mental health service question?

UK children's mental health service question?

CAHMS is nothing to worry about for a starting point. They usually have a chat with you about things like your enviroment at home school or whatever you are up to . They kind of let you lead the sessions but also support you. Obviously not knowing why you are going but generally they aid to help your mental wellbeing whether this is organizing ongoing counselling or medication. When I went there they basically chatted with me on a fortnightly basis and interacted on the best way forward for my mental health. I wish I was still young enough to go as they were extremely helpful.

Ontario Shores Mental Health vs. McMaster’s Children’s Hospital?

Ontario Shores Mental Health vs. McMaster's Children's Hospital?

Hi Kristin

Let me commend you for reaching out to get help and actively seeking information with respect to your own health care. McMaster is a fine hospital. As a representative of Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences I would like to state that Ontario Shores is one of four specialty mental health hospitals in Ontario and we have a highly qualified and respected clinical team. We offer a recovery-oriented environment built on compassion, inspiration and hope. I think the best thing for you is have your family book a tour for you all to come and see Ontario Shores and McMaster first hand which will certainly help you in this decision making process.

If you would like more information on scheduling a tour you can contact me at any time.

Warmest regards

Chris Bovie

Community Relations Officer

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

905.430.4055 ext. 6574

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