Teacher Appreciation Week on May, 2024: Anyone have ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week?

Teacher Appreciation Week 2024. Teacher Appreciation Week 400+ Gifts to Show Appreciation. From 60¢ - Mugs, Totes, Pens, etc.

Celebrate Teacher Appreciation

In many countries, Teachers' Days (or Teachers Day) are intended to be special days for the appreciation of teachers, and may include celebrations to honour them for their special contributions in a particular field area, or the community in general.

Anyone have ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week?


Prepare breakfast for all the teachers one morning during the week.


Write poems, letters, or notes of appreciation and leave them in teachers' mailboxes. Read them at morning assembly or over the intercom.


Take orders the previous night so that coffee and pastries from the local coffeehouse are waiting for the teachers when they arrive at work.


Print teachers' names on coffee mugs, T-shirts, or other items to commemorate the years' efforts.


Write teachers notes like "Well done!" for going above and beyond or accepting a challenge. Let teachers know that you see how they care about students, and their efforts are appreciated.


Plan an end-of-the-day stress relief game such as volleyball or softball. Provide free snacks and refreshments.


One morning in the teachers' lounge, surprise the faculty with muffins, fruit, and coffee.


Organize an event in which parents and administrators cover teachers' classrooms for an hour during lunch so that they can enjoy a meal outside of their classrooms.


Have each teacher's homeroom class decorate a shoe box or flowerpot that the teacher can use to store special notes, cards, gifts, and other treasures.


Decorate the staff lounge and the hallways of the school with Teacher Appreciation Week themed pictures and banners.


Create your own Walk of Fame for your teachers. Get a piece of donated red carpet or put red butcher paper down in the entry hall. Make gold stars with a teacher's name on each, and have the school meet the teachers as they arrive one morning.


Perform random acts of kindness for teachers--have their classroom windows washed or use professional development funds to hire subs to supervise classes for an hour so teachers can take a break or meet with colleagues.


This project is planned for teachers who are serving in the military and have been called up for service. The parents, other teachers, and students can collect useful items to send to them in "care packages" (for instance: soap, deodorant, sunscreen, snack items, cards, letters, banners). This allows the schools to do something productive in a worrisome time and, best of all, lets that teacher know that they are supported, missed, and remembered.


I have been fortunate enough to experience many celebrations during the past 30 years, from luncheons to flowers. But the most touching celebration is the one that comes from the children ... from their hearts. A card, a note, a picture that says "you are loved and appreciated" is the best. I have saved many "little celebrations" over the years from children and each one carries a memory and a piece of soul that will last forever. I look at them often.

--Percy Hill, K-8 Physical Education & Health

I had a creative mom one year who took the students outside and had my students create letters with their bodies--then she photographed them. When she put all of the photos together, they spelled out "THANKS FOR A GREAT YEAR!" All of my students were in the photos!

--Roxann Rose-Duckworth, former elementary teacher, current College of Education professor

Our two staff bathrooms were very plain and utilitarian. One year, the PTA/PTO spent a whole weekend at school to surprise us: On Monday, when we arrived at school we discovered that the bathrooms had been redecorated--wallpaper, new paint, pictures on the wall, a little dresser to hold our personal items, fresh flowers. The following year, the PTA/PTO brought kids into school over a weekend and put their handprints in red, blue, or yellow paint on the walls of the front foyer as a welcoming touch.

1) Shoe-box sized plastic storage box full of school and classroom supplies that you can stock up on throughout the year at sales, clearance stores, etc.

2) Bag of popcorn and a flavored salt sampler.

3) Gift certificate for a video rental.

4) Homemade fudge in take-out meal containers (or Biscotti, or gingerbread men).

5) Pencils printed with their names on them.

6) Painted glass ball ornaments.

7) Flavored coffee or tea mixes.

8) Coffee and cup decorated by your child.

9) A candle and candleholder.

10) Anything for the classroom: games, writing equipment, books, rulers, things to decorate or theme objects.

11) Handmade items from the students (potholder, pencil holder, etc).

12) Movie theater passes.

13) A small basket of lotions or soaps.

14) A letter from the student (and/or parent) telling what they enjoyed about the year or the teacher's input into the child's life.

15) A small plant potted in a thrift store coffee mug or tea cup.

16) A child-made apple-shaped something or other (although over the years many teachers end up with more apple decorations than they have room for in their house or classroom).

17) Baked goods (bread, cookies, candies, quick breads, etc.).

18) Chocolate dipped pretzels.

19) Chocolate anything.

20) Christmas ornament.

when is teacher’s appreciation week?

when is teacher's appreciation week?

Teacher Appreciation Week takes place in the first full week of May (May 3, 2011)

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts?

Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts?

Write a letter to the Principal. Tell the Principal all of the things this teacher does that you appreciate and give details. This letter will be included in the teacher's file and stay with them longer than a gift might. It is rare when a teacher really finds out how great we think they are. It will turn around any bad day (or year).

Volunteer some of you time. Ask if you can do something to help out in the class room or something you can take home and do and bring back for them later in the week. I am not sure if you are a student or parent wanting to show appreciation, but here are some of my suggestions.


Grade papers or homework

Make copies

Clean or straighten up the classroom

Work with a student on math facts or word lists

Read to the class

Create materials (cutting, pasting, etc)

Typing up handwritten letters or notes that need to be sent home

Organize supplies in the classroom

Or you can ask what they need done. Sometimes it can be difficult to think of something that can be done off the top of a teacher's head, so tell them that you would like to help and you can come back when they need you. Then, they can decide what task would really fit your talents and you will both be happier.

It is great to see that you are showing teachers recognition without spending money. Gifts don't have to be pricey to matter a lot.

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