Clean Up The World Weekend 2024 is on Thursday, September 19, 2024: clean clean clean?

Thursday, September 19, 2024 is Clean Up The World Weekend 2024. Go Green: Volunteer for Clean Up The World Weekend! (Sept. 17-19 ... What is Clean Up The World

clean clean clean?

The world will not end if these things don't get done. Clear a space so you can walk, wash a couple of dishes as needed, don't throw a party or invite people over.

Go to bed, take a nap and rest. Save everything for next weekend or do a little bit each night.

Besides, the dog will thank you for NOT giving it a bath.

Algebra world problem?

Algebra world problem?

Supposing that 8 hours is the total work time for a weekend, if she spends x hours cleaning houses then she'll spend 8 - x hours babysitting.

Therefore she'll earn 12x dollars for cleaning plus 10(8 - x) dollars for babysitting, for a total earning

E = 12x + 10(8 - x), i.e.

E = (2x + 80) dls

If she works 8 hours a day, the total weekend work time will be 16 hours, and the equation becomes

E = 12x + 10(16 - x), i.e.

E = (2x + 160) dls

campaign Clean Up The World?

campaign Clean Up The World?

not a question, per se, but a noble effort nonetheless. Many participate, many donate, many do neither and wonder why the world is so screwed up. Good luck.

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