Colic Awareness Month on March, 2024: What is colic and how do they get get?

March, 2024 is Colic Awareness Month 2024. Equine Colic Awareness Month 2013: Surviving Colic Doesn't Stop ... Equine Colic Awareness Month

What is colic and how do they get get?

colic is defined in 'threes'

three hours of crying

rarely lasts more than 3 months

starts around three weeks

and happens 3+ times a week.

Even though no one completely understands colic, let's make two assumptions: First, the baby has pain in the gut. (The term "colic" comes from the Greek kolikos, meaning "suffering in the colon.") Secondly, the whole baby is upset as a result. Colic is considered to be immaturity of the gastrointestinal system and gas bothers baby, but new research shows no difference in colic babies and regular babies so some experts believe some babies are more 'sensitive' than others and need extra parental awareness to help curb any over stimulation of baby.

hi all........ i have a 2 month old baby and need some advice please?

hi all........ i have a 2 month old baby and need some advice please?

Ok, babies that young poo when they need to. It's not like us, they absorb everything and just poo what they don't need.

If you want her to poo breastfeed her more often or more minutes every time you feed her. DO NOT put anything else than your milk in your baby's mouth unless the doctor tells you so.

When breastfeeding, drink lots of water. My wife used to drink 3 bottles a day during the first months. The water you drink ultimately becomes milk in your breasts.

About how often she should sleep, 2 months babies just live for 3 things: eat, poo and sleep. What's in the middle is called colics ().

As you may have noticed already, their awareness cycles are about 20 mins every 3 hours, so they sleep most of the day.

In any case, as other answers told you, the best thing to do is to call your doctor. With my two childs I always do that.

I'd rather go to the doctor for every silly question I have than regret not having gone when it was the right time.

I let my 3 month old cry it out, am I a bad person?

I let my 3 month old cry it out, am I a bad person?

You are NOT a bad person. You may not have done the most popular thing to some people, but that doesn't make you a bad or neglectful person at all.

It sounds like you had done all the right things on the mental 'checklist' as to what he might need. There are times where there is just nothing you can do, and that isn't age-dependent. I like that you said you put him down beside you. You were in close contact so your baby didn't feel abandoned or isolated. Sometimes, around 2-3 mo babies can go through colic fits where they are harder to soothe. This can also occur as babies reach higher awareness levels or reach milestones and their bodies want to keep going even when their minds need rest. This is probably just a temporary thing. I know that my son, even as a newborn, wouldn't settle to sleep at night in my arms (still won't) and prefers to be set in his bassinet or nursed to sleep. He would wimper sometimes (I would hold his hand or stroke his cheek), but it was better than the alternative of watching him fight sleep and then being behind/off schedule. There is nothing wrong with needing to walk away for a few minutes during a really frustrating period as long as your baby is in a physically safe location. Even if he is crying, a few minutes to breathe and regroup will make you much more attentive and tender than staying with your baby in a tense, frustrated state.

If you had said you were trying to sleep train him, I would caution about waiting a little longer (6mo or so), but this sounds like an exception, and one that was hard to hear emotionally! But he got through it, and so did you. Try again tomorrow and see if he goes back to his normal routine.

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