Draw a Picture of a Bird Day 2021 is on Thursday, April 8, 2021: drawing pictures of living things haram?

Thursday, April 8, 2021 is Draw a Picture of a Bird Day 2021. April 8th-Draw a Bird Day by Shinkou-san on deviantART April 8th-Draw a Bird Day by

Draw a Picture of a Bird Day

Pencil, pen, felt tip or chalk, Draw an image of the Bird Day is very exciting for everybody. It’s very straightforward: simply draw an image of the bird in tribute to the feathered buddies, but when you fancy some diversity there’s really an array of options.Are you going to draw a chicken or perhaps a chaffinch? Possibly a peacock, penguin or puffin? If you’d should you prefer a goose, could it be from the Canadian, Red-colored-breasted, Forest-walking or Spur-winged variety? And you’d be blown away by the number of kinds of hawk you will find prowling the skies!If you would like to understand more about wild birds, we advise this Wikipedia entry, but when you’d rather simply have a little of fun and obtain arty, why don't you share this occasion together with your buddies, family and colleagues? Possess a competition to determine who are able to draw the very best or funniest bird, cover your fridge in sketches, look for a blackboard and make up a beautiful aerial scene of spiraling swifts and swallows, or just pop just a little cartoon birdy in your hands and introduce it to other people around the bus.And, becoming an ornithological day, it’s the right chance to tweet, so make certain to make use of the hashtag #drawapictureofabirdday when discussing your creativeness using the Twitterverse!

drawing pictures of living things haram?

Praise be to Allaah.

Drawing is of two types:

One is drawing pictures of animate beings. It says in the Sunnah that this is forbidden. It is not permitted to draw anything that depicts animate beings, because the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said, according to the saheeh hadeeth: “Every image maker will be in the Fire.” And he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The most severely punished of people on the Day of Resurrection will be the image-makers, those who tried to imitate the creation of Allaah.” And he (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The makers of these images will be punished on the Day of Resurrection, and they will be told, ‘Give life to that which you have created.’”

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) cursed those who consume riba (interest, usury) and those who pay it, and he cursed the image-makers. This indicates that making images is forbidden. The scholars interpreted that as referring to images of animate beings such as animals, people and birds.

With regard to drawing inanimate objects – which is the second type of drawing – there is no sin in that, such as drawing mountains, trees, planes, cars and the like. There is nothing wrong with that, according to the scholars.

With regard to forbidden kinds of pictures, an exception is made in cases of necessity, such as drawing pictures of criminals so that they will be known and caught, or pictures for identity cards which are essential and which cannot be obtained otherwise, and other cases of necessity. If the ruler decides that producing images of criminals is necessary, because of the seriousness of their crimes and to protect the Muslims from their evil when they are known, or for other reasons, there is nothing wrong with that. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning):

“…He has explained to you in detail what is forbidden to you, except under compulsion of necessity …”

[al-An’aam 6:119]

Fataawa Noor ‘ala al-Darb by Shaykh Ibn Baaz, p. 302.

what should i draw.please help?

what should i draw.please help?

1 Birds

2 Cats

3 Horses

4 Dogs

5 Bees

6 A person looking out a rainy window crying

7 Someone drawing someone else drawing

8 A glass of fire ( kinda random )

9 A snowy cabin scene

10 A lizard

11 A mermaid on a rock overlooking the ocean

12 A fairy

13 Fairy wings

14 A whole fairy village

15 You could design clothes

16 A kid splashing in the rain

17 A sunset

18 A self portrait

19 A picture of you favorite Actor/Singer

20 A waterfall

21 Cookies

22 Mythical creatures on the loose in the street

23 A desk full of art supplies

24 A Lion Pride

25 A garden

26 A toolbox

27 A cave with twinkling stars on top

28 Crystals

29 Someones portrait

30 Kids running down the street in costumes on Halloween night

31 An Autumn day

32 An empty room with no windows just a door with chains on it

33 Calla Lily

34 Rose

35 Still Life

36 An American Flag

37 A perfume counter

38 A makeup pallet or a desk with makeup brushes, products, ect.

39 A Christmas tree with presents

40 Someone helping homeless people

41 A light bulb with just colored black around it

42 Someone sleeping

43 Just something around you

44 A wolf

45 You could just draw a blob but then make a picture out of that

46 A piano

47 A grave

48 A bug

49 A park

50 Exotic flowers, plants, animals, ect.

51 Happiness

52 Grief

53 Anger

54 War

55 Rattlesnake

56 Elephant grass

57 Elephants

58 Aloe Vera plant

59 Toucan

60 Seagull

61 Oranges

62 Chihuahua

63 Venus flytrap

64 Whiteboard

65 Ginger Bread men

66 Pineapple

67 Shallow river, like you can see all the rocks on the bottom, ooh that would look very pretty!!

68 Chalk

69 Tea

70 Butterfly

71 Ice

72 Penguin

73 Hot air balloon

74 Weeping willow

75 Pine tree

76 People

77 Pig

78 Bowl of fruit

79 Cut open kiwi ( you can see the inside )

80 Chocolate

81 Sponge

82 Salt

83 Egg

84 Heart ( Like a human one )

85 The Marine Symbol

86 Combat

87 Lightning

88 Popcorn or un-popped popcorn kernels

89 A peaceful, picture perfect winter mountain scene

90 Palm tree

91 Brooks

92 Anatomy

93 Trolls

94 Tigers

95 The four seasons

96 An empty warehouse with piles of discarded dirty toys, like string puppets with creepy faces. Oh that will be awesome!

97 Imagination

98 Amusement Park

99 Scissors

100 Quilt

101 Lipstick

102 Soda

103 Converses

104 Practice drawing parts of faces like noses, mouths, and eyes

105 Fruit trees

106 Bowl of grapes or cherry's

107 Your role model

108 Mushrooms

109 Angelfish

110 Dolphin

111 Clown fish

112 Basil

113 Parrot fish

114 Pirate

115 Mermaid/Man

116 Dragon

117 Wizard

118 Chocolate chips

119 Dollhouse

120 Cow

121 Castle

122 Bald Eagle

123 Ostrich

124 Dominoes

125 Bear

126 Wilda-beast

127 Koala

128 Rabbit

129 Zebra

130 Chicken

131 Baby

132 Classic cartoons such as Looney Toons

133 Campsite

134 Iris

135 Peony

136 Fairy tale

137 Rejection

138 Horror

139 A bloody needle and a face

140 Some one playing the guitar

141 Angel

142 Demon

143 People kissing

144 A person dancing

145 Smile

146 Imperfection ( be creative)

147 A girl "alseep" underwater

148 A woman holding a necklace that says " Love forever" crying


150 A hurricane

151 A classroom

152 An accident waiting to happen

153 Dying

154 What lies ahead

155 Insanity

156 A toe tag

157 A light house

158 An apple, Simple but good

159 A crack, like the picture itself has a crack

160 Advertisement

161 Zombies

162 Zombie unicorn

163 Domo

164 Gir

165 Dragon

166 A dinosaur

167 A murder scene but you don't see anything but blood, a knife, a kid's hand, and kid toys. ( I have a dark side (= )

168 Power puff girls

169 Statue of liberty

170 Anime/Manga

171 A dead tree

172 " Draw what you know" It is a saying I heard like just draw something you know about.

173 A bee hive

174 A realistic picture of a tree, a balloon and a shadow of a little girl on the grass. don't color it in( I got that off a different answer and question...

175 Nude pictures( some can be beautiful if not made nasty)

176 GMO's ( look it up)

177 Space

178 An old couple

179 A burning piece of paper

180 Draw what you think you would look like as a cartoon

181 A farm and all the animals

182 Ballerina in en pointe (I got this and the following 4 off another question and answer)

183 A ballet class

184 Women in the 20s in a parlor

185 A quite or mystical library

186 The woods with snow and whimsical trees

187 Your name in cool fonts

188 Hand's forming a heart

189 Nymphs

190 Ogres

191 Spaghetti

192 Water being poured into a glass ,like you see it in motion

194 A Crocodile head

195 Statue of Liberty

196 9/11 and draw it on that day so your date says 9/11

198 Epicness

199 A bloody teacup but add NO color just color the blood red and add hardly any shading to the teacup

200 A stick figure army( like it takes up the WHOLE page)

Hope I helped also DeviantArt.com has TOOOONS of ideas!! I had to delete some sorry! *stupid yahoo answers*

What should I DRAW for mothers day?

What should I DRAW for mothers day?

A feminine hand holding a bird that is taking off.... the hands are her and the bird is you. Shereleased you into the wild of life!

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