Flood Awareness Week on March, 2025: I'm starting a global awareness and action club. advice? What to call it?

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I’m starting a global awareness and action club... advice? What to call it?


All of life is in cycle form. If you look at the long lifespan of the Earth, one can easily see that events such as the likes of which is going on now has occured many, many times in Earth's past.

For one, the time period surrounding the Ice Age was not necessarily all ice. In fact, the Ice Age was a period of major climate fluctuations --both warm and hot--. If you look at modern-day society, this is exactly what is going on now.

A few years ago, the global everage temperature was rising, the polar ice caps were melting, and wells and rivers were drying up. This year, the average global temperature has dropped to points lower than records have ever, well, recorded in many places, the polar ice caps are reforming, wells are overflowing, and flooding is an everyday occurence.

We are, in my opinion, entering a time of major climate fluctuations once more. It starts out fairly subtle --as it is now--, and gradually becomes more extreme. My prediction? Half of this summer is going to be oddly cool/comfortable, while the other half will be higher than most will have expected it to be. (By "half," I mean total/sum half, as in it fluctuates every month, 2 weeks, or week, not necessarily "First half" and "Second half.")

I believe in God -- I am a Christian, but I also believe in Evolution. There is nothing wrong with this, as nowhere in Evolution does it give evidence against a god, or against most Christian views. This is a common misconception brought about by those who have MADE Evolution to be some sort of "proof" against God. To not believe in the existence of species evolving to match their surroundings is stupid, as there is proof everywhere. What Evolution MIGHT have a problem with Christianity with, is where it talks about us all being derived from fish, however, there is still no scientific proof of this, and is just as much a theory as is the theoretical existence of God.

Do I have irrefutable proof of God's existence? No, so I will not force my beliefs unto anyone. That would be stupid of me.

Is there irrefutable proof as to the existence of Evolution's theory stating that we all came from fish? No, so those views should not be forced unto anyone either. That would be stupid of whomever tried.

Now then, the cause of this cycle could be one of God's will (just a theory), or of some natural way of cleansing the Earth. A fail-safe mechanism, if you will, for when the Earth feels it is being threatened. (Not to say that the Earth "thinks," I am just saying that many plants have similar mechanisms for self-defense.) In my opinion, I believe that the latter is the most believable. Why? Because there is more potential proof than my "God is punishing humanity" blurb, which, in all honesty, is a rather silly idea.

Dinosaurs were hit by something similar (regardless of if you believe in volcanoes, meteors, or whatever, there is proof that the Earth was being very bi-polar with its temperatures). Cavemen were hit by something similar. Now we are being hit by something similar. We will either evolve, become accustomed to the changes, and survive, or we will fail to evolve as needed and die. It is not very complicated.

Everything is a cycle. In the pre-Victorian and a little bit into the Victorian era, practically everybody was bisexual. Then, the Renaissance came around and people stopped being bisexual. Then, once the world was coming out of the Renaissance era and everybody understood science and people no longer felt tethered down by their own religion, everybody was bisexual again, as well as a large number of homosexuals. Then, the Christians led a non-physical Crusade (called "missions" led by "missionaries") in which they overthrew many major religions of the world in many areas, and, basically, forced everybody to conform to their beliefs, so people stopped being bisexual and homosexual again. Finally, in modern-day society, an increasing number of bisexual and homosexual teenagers are emerging. It seems to be the latest trend.

Everything is a cycle. The recent number of teen pregnancies is rather alarming...until you look at history... In all of the same time periods aforementioned, teens were pregnant, then not pregnant, then pregnant, then not pregnant, then in the early 1900's, teens were getting pregnant, then in the 1960's pregnancy was "heathenous," so they stopped getting pregnant, and now, in modern-day society, they are becoming pregnant again. It is a cycle. The only problem with modern-day pregnancies is that, for some reason, modern-day teenagers seem to lack the maturity levels that historic teenagers had. Blame it on video games, the media, or whatever, it doesn't matter -- the fact still remains, regardless of cause.

So, in conclusion, I do not believe in "global warming," nor do I believe in "global cooling." I believe in "global climate change," and that "everything is a cycle." I could go on and on about other cyclical occurences, but I am pretty sure that I am pushing the hidden character limit, so I'm going to stop, but, I think that you get my point. After all, if you haven't grasped my meaning by now, then no number of additional paragraphs will change that matter, so that is yet another reason for me to stop here. I hope that I answered your question effectively, and have not bored you with reading this, admittedly, rather lengthy response.

~Best of wishes,

Zane and Azaria

what is the weather like in March in South Carolina?

what is the weather like in March in South Carolina?

Well, South Carolina's Severe Weather Awareness Week

is March 2-8 and South Carolina's Flood Safety Week is March 17-21... so let's hope that type of weather is not common then!

It would actually help to know where in South Carolina you were going to forecast a little better.

Last year they said March (2007) was a little warmer and drier than normal Marches. Basically the max temp was 89 in Charleston, Min was 25 in Anderson... Warmest average was 60.8 in Charleston and coldest average was 56.8 in North Myrtle Beach...

How does fishing forecast change when a river is close to flood stage?

How does fishing forecast change when a river is close to flood stage?

caunltd provides some really interesting information about how rising waters can affect different fish. I never knew that stuff about shad v. striper. Very cool.

However, in general, for the novice angler, the forecast for the conditions you describe will be poor. I happened to see another question from you here in the Fishing section, which mentioned that you are relatively inexperienced at fishing. For most folks like you, the fish will be harder to find for one fairly simple rule: more water and the same amount of fish make the fish more difficult to find. Many fish, like trout, feed very selectively and/or minimally during very high flows and it gets really tough to find them, let alone induce them into taking a hook. Even experienced anglers can be skunked when a river gets really high.

There are also several other considerations. For one thing, higher flow usually brings more turbidity (cloudiness, muddiness). This makes it tough to spot fish as you might otherwise be able to do. Also, much of the flatwater and backwater habitat of a river system (which is usually somewhat easier to fish) will be blown out and as difficult to fish as swifter areas. I don't know if you're planning to wade, but wading a river that is close to flood stage is not advisable -- pushy water, unpredictable flows, and shifting substrates all conspire to say: PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

As a beginner, I predict you'll be challenged by these conditions and you won't catch as many as you might under more nominal flow conditions. I suspect you're not too familiar (yet) with the various "personalities" of the river you're fishing, so you don't know what to expect in the first place -- add in high flows and you're facing a tough day of fishing. Unlike caunltd, you probably don't have an awareness (YET) of how the various species in this system react to changing flows. Again, with so many unknowns, you'll be lucky to catch a lot of fish.

HOWEVER (and your grandpa would probably agree with me), a day of fishing with no catch is better than a day without fishing. I would go fishing anyway, despite the high water and a less-than-stellar forecast. Maybe the water has dropped suddenly. Maybe you'll stumble on a honey-hole. Maybe you bump into someone who can give you pointers. At the very least, you'll be able to see what the river's doing -- take some notes (both mental and the written kind). Note the highwater marks and other observations that might be helpful later.

One great thing about fishing -- you just never know what's gonna happen till you get to the water, so it's important to go whenever you can.

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