Professional Pet Sitters Week on March, 2025: Can I become a pet sitter at 14?

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Can I become a pet sitter at 14?

Well as a professional pet sitter my self I have to say that you may not get much work from strangers, friends family neighbor's yes, people that do not know you slim chance..

I know you say you have taken car of your own pets, however it's a big responsibility to care a pet that is not yours.

I'm not saying that you are not good at caring for your pets, loving them and giving them a great home were they know they are loved and safe..

As a pet owner my self I would have a hard time asking a young girl or boy a minor child that dose not drive and could not rush my pet to the vet in case of emergency.. To care for my pets when out of town... Sorry no offense to you, my pets are my kids..

Like your self pet owners love there dogs cats ect and they are members of there family, professional pet sitters are licensed bonded and insured, and some that i know have taken a class in first aid/CPR, because sometimes things do happen..

How much vacation time do professional dog walkers or pet sitters get?

How much vacation time do professional dog walkers or pet sitters get?

While I am not a dog walker, I do have a dog walker for my dog and can try to answer this question to the best of my ability.

My dog walker recently took a week vacation in which she handed over the responsibility over to another dog walker who she trusted. As long as you build a trusting relationship with your clients they probably will not have any problem if you have someone else take over for a certain amount of time.

While two months can be a lot, if traveling is important to you, then you can still be successful as a dog walker. You will become very familiar with other dog walkers in the business. I say this because I see how well the dog walkers know one another at the parks.

What you need to do is to hire another dog walker and offer to give them a portion of the profits. If they are starting out they will most likely take you up on this offer because this is how they get clients. It is amazing how many dog walkers get approached about new business.

This link may be useful to you:

I hope I helped!

Professional Cat Sitters????

Professional Cat Sitters????

your vet will have the names of local people to you. they probably won't 'recommend' anyone, but will give you the names.

also, the staff of the vet often will pet sit. you could ask if anyone there does it before asking for recommendations.

I volunteer for a local shelter, and their staff is highly under paid. I used someone I met through there last time I needed someone to take care of my crew. if nothing else, the staff of a shelter will have pets, and probably will make a recommendation for you :)

good luck

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