Get A Balanced Life Month on January, 2025: what is a balanced life?

January, 2025 is Get A Balanced Life Month 2025. January – Get A Balanced Life Month at CrossRoads Winery ... January is get a balanced life

what is a balanced life?

who has a balanced of life. if you thing money is everything so you are worng money is too much time make happy but not everytime. people need rest, do fun, need friends, go long tour in every 6 or 12 month, children, family and money. but we are not satisfied for our life. we have not enough money for make our dream. who is told me how make life balanced.

how can I get my life back in balance?

how can I get my life back in balance?

Health and life problems are always serious if they have gone on for more than a day or two and you feel upset about what you are experiencing. You have not shared about how long this has gone on, have you had problems with real, diagnosed depression in the past and what might be troubling you currently in your life.

Although it is always standard advise, I find that it is helpful to go to your general practitioner for a yearly checkup that includes a full blood profile to rule out blood sugar, thyroid, iron and other problems that sometimes can be underlying feelings of the blahs or oncoming depression. Your physician should also help you to determine if you really have depression that is coming on, hormonal imbalances, etc.

Once you have gotten that looked into then lifestyle changes are in order. But it is important to do these with a attitude of one day at a time. Making a doable schedule that includes some form of aerobic exercise - just walking is a good step - some stretching or yoga, and some strenght work can be helpful. Unless you were already fit and doing marathons, most people can benefit from thiry minutes of walking daily, working up to forty five minutes to an hour and trying to speed up the pace over a few weeks. Walking also has the added benefit of being a very good daily stress reducer - something everyone today, and especially students need. Aerobic exercise, over a few weeks - doing it even when you don't want to - will by day fourteen help your endorphins to rise to a good level - these are your natural anti-depressants that both help you to have a steadier mood and feel more positive about life in general

Try to cut out all - or as much - sugar as you can - as well as white and processed foods. Have whole grain bread, pastas and brown rice when you are having a starch. Processed foods and sugar deplete the body of B -vitamins - which are very important in having good moods and daily energy. Sugar and junk foods cause your blood sugar to spike - which causes a temporary high, good feeling - and then make your blood sugar rapidly drop so that you feel tired, listless and addicted to starting the cycle again.

Add at least five servings of non-starch vegetables to your diet - I encourage two green salads daily so that you get the minerals and anti-oxidents that your body and brain are craving. Make sure to get some protein at each meal because it helps the blood sugar to stay steady for a number of hours.

Drink lots of water! Your body needs water and it helps to move the junk out of it! It also contributes to energy - many people who feel hungry or tired often need water. And try to control your caffeine intake to no more than two cups of coffee a day. Many people find that if they substitute green tea they feel more energy after a few days - but it may be a switch that you want to impliment down the road once you get more diet and exercise into your daily life.

Stress is big for everyone - so find some stress reduction techniques. Number one is learning to breath deeply and slowly into your belly - at least ten times - three or four times a day. Breath in through your nose, slowly, and then release it. If you can go to a workshop or online - learn a simple "meditation" exercise and try it ten or twenty minutes - once - preferably, twice a day. This, along with belly breathing and daily aerobic exercise should start giving you a noticable improvement within a week or two.

And practice gratitude! Sometimes everything looks dark and gloomy. Start to program yourself, when you wake up, when you go for walks, when you go to sleep at night - to switch from negative thoughts to thinking about what you value in your life. If it is hard - then think about the smallest thing that you love and care about - The Blue Sky - the green grass - your favorite flower or pet - and say thank you to life, God - nature - the Higher Creative force as you understand it. Make a list and keep it by your bedside and in your wallet - for those days that you just can't quite come up with anything. Try to think of ten - twenty positive things that you are grateful for each day.

And read some uplifting psychology, inspiration or religion books - Amazon and the bookstores are full of them.

If you can - treat yourself to a good massage as it can both elevate your endorphins and just help you to jumpstart your lifestyle canges.

If you have any, any problems that continue with depression after a month, when you are back at school, use some of the student counceling services that your school makes availible - no one should suffer alone - find out what is bothering you and learn skills to deal with it.

I hope this helps! Good luck to you and have a good next year at college!

Recharged for Rs 200(vodafone). Will the balance stay for life time or just 1 month.?

Recharged for Rs 200(vodafone). Will the balance stay for life time or just 1 month.?

You should talk to customer care and tell him that yoU are getting only 1 month of validity on recharge of 200. You should atleast get more than 2 years of validity

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