Get Caught Reading Month on May, 2024: Bifocalreading glasses question?

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Get Caught Reading Month

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Bifocal/reading glasses question?

The reason why you are having difficulty finding reading glasses at the store is because you have astigmatism. The cylinder number that appears in your prescription indicates you have astigmatism. The readers you buy in the store are made only for spherical prescriptions.

Also the add power (where it says NV) on your prescription is "+1.50" then that would NOT be your actual reading glasses prescription.

This number is used to calculate your lens power for the reading correction required in your lenses.... it is not actually your reading prescription unless you require no further correction.

Another thing I noticed is that you have a difference in prescriptions between the two eyes... all of these factors will all make it impossible to find cheap readers that will work for you.

If your add power is (where it says "NV" or near vision) +1.50 then your reading prescription would be

OD -1.00 -0.75x011

OS +0.50-1.25x125

This is why you cannot buy any reading glasses that will work.

If you are currently wearing bifocals this is only providing you with near vision (reading) and distance vision (driving).

You may benefit from a multifocal lens that provides correction for your intermediate range of vision... intermediate distance can be used for viewing computers and dashboards for example.

Bifocals do not include the intermediate range of vision that you need for viewing computers.

The best thing for you would be a special pair of computer glasses correcting for the intermediate distance of viewing.... (near is actually only for reading distances...intermediate is computer/dashboard distance. This prescription can be calculated based on the distance between your eyes and computer screen.

A progressive lens provides distance vision in the top of the lens and as you look down it progressively changes to intermediate then into reading vision. The key to avoiding the distortion in the sides of the lenses is to not move your eyes when looking at things from side to side.... just move your head!

To become sucessful at wearing progressive/multifocal lenses it really takes a persons motivation, determination and also training on how to use them properly. Many people have difficulty adjusting to them at first but soon as they learn how to use the lenses correctly then most people cannot live without them.

If you had problems with progressives in the past I would still recommend trying them again.... most opticals carry a non adapt policy so if they do not work for you then your lenses can be changed for free.

It is possible that either the progressive was not placed properly due to inaccurate measuring or inaccurate lens cutting or it wasn't the right type of progressive or even you were not using the lenses correctly.... sometimes it can take weeks to get used to them.

Progressives are great because you will be able to wear your glasses for all tasks because they provide correction for all distances. Check out the links for more info!

Anyways I think it would be best to discuss this with your local eye care professional about what options would be best suited for you :)

Good luck :)

Thoughts on Catch 22?

Thoughts on Catch 22?

I started Catch 22 a few months ago. I thought parts of the book were funny and other parts were very hard to follow. Overall, I found it to be a very long read and barely made it 3/4 through before I put it down and picked up something better. Others love it though.

How to catch ducklings?

How to catch ducklings?

get a net if they are wild depends how old they are but around 4 months thay can fly so catch them quick. get a large net a cheap one is fine corner them some how likw between two fences and if there is water around DO NOT LET THEM GET BY WATER!!!! corner them and catch them with the net you will need two people to HERD them to the fence.

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