Let It Go Day 2023 is on Friday, June 23, 2023: How long should i let him out per day?

Friday, June 23, 2023 is Let It Go Day 2023. National Let It Go Day, Forgive With Forgetting: Dont Let the ... NATIONAL LET IT GO DAY June 23

How long should i let him out per day?

I let my birds out for as long as I can be with them...sometimes it's 30 minutes, sometimes it's hours! Never let him out alone. Birds can get into soooo much trouble! Take away the treat sticks....your bird is using them instead of the well balanced diet that pellets would provide, when supplemented with fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables. When you give your bird fresh food, only leave it in the cage for an hour or two, because it could spoil. Make sure your bird always has fresh water. You should put pellets in the food bowl and it should always be available to your bird. Once in a while, after your bird has converted over to "good food", you can give him a treat...a spray of millet, but only once or twice a week. Birds also like hard boiled eggs, chopped up in very small pieces. Again, throw it out after about an hour or two. Birds will sleep as much as they need to...but make sure your bird has plenty of toys to keep it busy and entertained. They also like unsalted peanuts in the shell. It gives them a treat and a toy at the same time! Good luck!

Why cant i let go of GOD even just for a day?

Why cant i let go of GOD even just for a day?

What is it you've got in your life - God or religion? That's the question, isn't it?

Sometimes a person - no matter how much he loves God and wrestles with the 'big issues' - has to let a bit of 'fresh air' in. D'you know, it's okay to give yourself a break sometimes, you don't have to be 'all fired up' and 'living for God' every moment of every day.

Take a day off sometimes, and you will find that He's in there, in the quiet and peaceful places, in the non-religious, ordinary things of life, too. Quietly, restfully there. You need to find Him in just such places and get away from the hype and straining.

It is our ability to find God in these simple, ordinary things of life that is our strength. That is how we see how God is not limited, for men may 'close the door' on religious talk, but they cannot stop our enjoyment of the God who is LIFE. Not only that, but our enjoyment of that God of ours, who is life, percolates through to them, whether they like it or not, for no-one can enjoy life as much as a Christian who knows his God and who knows that He is all-in-all to him.

I am not being pantheist, but just to encourage you, as you see God's handiwork in the creation, to get more restful about how you walk with him. Don't get into contemplation (another danger) either or get mystic, but just enjoy Him in a robust and honest way, and you will find your soul much rested. And let time pass, don't try to make every second count - these are man's ideas.

Because religiosity is too narrow, and too intense a food for us to live on it always. It is like living on strong meat - no, we need a few vegetables and a pudding, to aid digestion. Not only that, people think they will 'concentrate on the main thing' and study the Bible night and day and pray constantly. Very nice, but I doubt you can grow by 'force-feeding' as well as you can grow 'rejoicing in his sunlight'.

'Force-feeding' and overintensity makes for some very strange and unbalanced characters, who also put other people off knowing God!

I know God is with you all the time - same with me. My thoughts are constantly on him, no effort needed. But I also know that, if I get absorbed in a few other things, he is in that too, and he'll still be there when I 'surface'. It's like 'waters to swim in'. If your's heart's for Him, then He'll always be there for you and, what's more, He'll work with you in and among.

So, walk by faith, and determine that you're going to appreciate the life He gave you, and all the gifts, by enjoying them and developing them. Experiment a bit, and get creative - it's joyful! We are body, soul and spirit, not just spirit and not just body, but all are tempered together, so that we may grow in him into full maturity and balance.

However, sometimes in our lives (often when we're young), God puts us through 'the crusher', when there's so many intense things going on it is, as you say, hard to handle. Well, be encouraged, surely God has his hand on you! Not only that, it is after these intense periods that we - having been forced to think and seek deeply - emerge that bit wiser and more grown-up in him. Maturity happens at a cost. Sorry to say, it's pressure times like these, and times of suffering, that do it.

So, do your wrestling with Him, for everyone who is sincere has to come to these things - for God will take him there. One day, you will will emerge, changed just that bit more into holiness He is trying to grow in you.

do your parents let you hang with friends on valentines day?

do your parents let you hang with friends on valentines day?

yeah any day, well at first maybe it's because your a girl, and i'm a guy, parents tend to lets boys have more freedom, since they can protect themselves and stuff

But since your sister is older, they probably think she's wiser and makes better decisions, THEY probably love you lots, and don't want you to get harmed that's probably why, I'm sure one day, they will let you sleepover on a valentines day, have hope, and keep trying

Peace, love Dude with random answers (hoping to get a best answer :D )

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