Pink Flamingo Day 2022 is on Thursday, June 23, 2022: Pink flamingo ecstasy. dangerous?

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Pink flamingo ecstasy. dangerous?

I would have to disagree with the comment that ALL ecstasy is the same. And drug cartels aren’t adding additional drugs because they want to save money; they do it because there is a market for it. Many experienced ecstasy users want certain types of ecstasy tablets, and do NOT want just MDMA. There are many out there that will pass up molly’s (MDMA only) to buy specific kinds of ecstasy pills because they like the additional drugs and like how the combination makes them feel.

Adding additional drugs to the tablet has been going on for a long time and depending on the kind you get; it will give you a different type of roll.

If the pill is round, and has dark specks, and the bird is facing to the left; then it’s probably got MDA (methylenedioxyamphetamine) in it and not MDMA. There was a batch going around, and that’s probably what she has. But there really is NO way to tell unless she has a test kit. As far as being told that it is a triple stack; yeah I’ve heard that often by dealers who love to claim their pills as such but often it’s just a marketing ploy to get users to buy. These days; seems like everyone is calling ecstasy tablets triple stacks; but triple stacks have a boat load of uppers and downers in them and you will really feel the difference; they are generally much thicker too.

MDA is a close cousin of MDMA and it is still considered a genuine ecstasy pill, even though it doesn’t have MDMA in it. And some ecstasy users prefer MDA over MDMA because it produces more visuals and lasts a bit longer than MDMA. Three down sides to MDA is: higher body temperature; tendency to sweat more than MDMA; and users often report a more intense down (hang-over) feeling days after, than MDMA.

MDA also has a more stimulant affect than MDMA because it hits the 5-HT2A receptors more than MDMA.

If it is the tablet I’m guessing it is (based on your description; again without a test kit there really is no telling for sure) then she will likely experience the following from the MDA:

Total Duration: 4 to 8 hours

Onset: 20 to 90 minutes

Coming up: 5 to 20 minutes after onset

Plateau: 2 to 4 hours

Coming Down: 2 to 4 hours

Her pupils will be more dilated (pupils larger) than with MDMA

Deaths reported from MDA are very similar to MDMA; about 2/100,000; which is very low compared to other drugs. I would say as long as she doesn’t over-do it, stays adequately hydrated (don’t drink too much; more are dying from over hydration now than not drinking enough; and mix in Gatorade or other sports drinks as well to keep electrolytes in balance) then she will most likely do just fine.

Hopefully she will be around experienced rollers.

But with any drug; there are risks; but I’m sure she is aware of that and has decided it is worth the risks.

Is it too early to display my collection of pink flamingos in my yard?

Is it too early to display my collection of pink flamingos in my yard?

Good God, man! What are you thinking? There is commonly known lawn ornament etiquette that MUST be adhered to. Putting your pink flamingos out in March is worse than say...... wearing white shoes after Labor Day!

Let me help you here....

Since the "March wind doth blow," whirligigs and spinners are a must for this time of year. However, because of the whole "in like a lion, out like a lamb" scenerio, it is greatly recommended that you not set out your whirligig prior to March 17th, otherwise it will just blow away into only God knows where. Rule of thumb: "Give St. Paddy's Day a 'Whirl.'" (What clever dame came up with that one? *cough*)

Lawn Jockeys should always be set out prior to the first weekend in May when the Kentucky Derby is set to be run. To leave "Jocko" out any earlier is a complete lawn faux pas!

Garden gnomes are acceptable twice a year. They make a creative addition to your Christmas decorations by posing as Santa's elves. However, they should then be stowed away after December 31st. Bring the mischievious fellows back out, however, during the end of March so that they are ready to pull pranks come April Fool's Day! To leave these little buggars out all year would be just like inviting trouble to walk right on in. Please folks! Have more respect for your neighbors than that! *wink*

And Finally........ our pink plastic flamingos. What better house warming gift than to don your friend's yard with hundreds of pink plastic flamingos allowing all their new neighbors to see just how trashy their new friends will be! Nothing says "Hi, my name is Bubba" like a few pink plastic flamingos! And after the flamingos have worn out their welcome...... remember to remove promptly. However, it is perfectly acceptable to leave two..... yes only two..... next to your trailer's front door but only AFTER the fourth of July. What better way to enjoy a Pabst Blue Ribbon beer as you sit on your front porch on a hot summer's night than with a fine feathered (albeit it plastic) friend.

I hope these guidelines will serve you well. And if all else fails........ just buy a birdbath.

things that are pink?

things that are pink?



Kitty Noses,

Undercooked meat,

some ipods,

Tab Energy drink can

Victorias Secret Pajamas,

New dell laptops

My room

eyes when its allergy season

my pretty fingers



Bubble Gum

Girl with great music

Juicy Couture Sidekick

The Color Of Valentine's Day!

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