Meat Week on January, 2025: How much red meat per week?

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How much red meat per week?

The entire red meat myth really cracks me up. Yes, I suppose if you eat too much fatty red meat, it can be bad. Red beef, however, contains more protein than any other meat. Lots of fad diets suggest removing red meats from your diet; this is stupid to say the least- especially if you're a steak fan like I am. Steak or lean ground beef are always great choices. And if I could suggest any sort of red meat, I'd go with buffalo. It's great for you. Ham and salami however are not considered lean meat. Salami has tons of preservatives, which makes it terrible for you.

If I could make a suggestion I'd go with one to two 8 oz servings of red meat per week.



Listeria is why you shouldn't eat sandwich meat.

Although listeriosis (the illness from ingesting Listeria) is rare, pregnant women are more susceptible to it than non-pregnant healthy adults.

YOU CAN'T JUST WARM THE MEAT. you would have to get the meat to like 160 degrees to kill bacteria. Bacteria thrives in a warm moist environment, so just warming would make things worse. so cook the He2# out of it and then you might be ok to eat it.

someone else mentioned nitrates, they are probably also bad, I think it can cause decreased blood flow. they do sell sand-which meat that does not have nitrates, I know Hormel does, Natural Choice meat or something

if you were getting dizzy from lack of food, then you need to eat. Listeria is kind of rare, but bad enough to not take lightly. try to cook the meat to be safer.

what can listeria do to the baby:


Premature delivery

Infection to the newborn

Death to the newborn (about 22% of cases of perinatal listeriosis result in stillbirth or neonatal death)

If that was the only thing available to eat then I guess you had no choice, hope all is well. Cook the meat next time if you can, but try to avoid it if possible.

No meat for 2 weeks?

No meat for 2 weeks?

Meat is very high in Fat, but not eating meat for only 2 weeks isn't gonna make much of a difference. It would have to be a long term thing, before you start losing real fat weight. Go vegetarian, it's healthier.

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