Kid Film Festival on January, 2025: Can underage kids send in short films to film festivals.?

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Can underage kids send in short films to film festivals.?

Contact the people who run the film festivals to find out if there's a minimum age requirement. You will likely need to have permission from whoever owns the copyright to the horror comic to make the film, especially if you want to release it or adapt it to a longer form film.

Film Festivals for teens/kids?

Film Festivals for teens/kids?

there's one held in Seattle Washington ill check to se what its called and such.

be back later :)

Edit: Ahh here you go!! the National Film Festival for Talented youth.

Film Festivals?

Film Festivals?

The Cannes Film Festival and Sundance Film Festival are two completely different film festivals held throughout the year, and there are thousands more (such as Venice and Berlin Film Festivals, etc.), its just that those two are two of the most famous.

Cannes is held in the southern French city of Cannes. It was founded in 1939. Cannes has become a showcase for mostly European films and big name American film premieres.

Sundance is held annually in Utah beginning in 1978 and founded by Robert Redford. The festival is named after one of his most famous roles, "the Sundance Kid" from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Sundance shows only "independent" films (those produced/financied outside of a major studio).

Both festivals are highly popular and respected in the industry and a film just being a part of festival is an honor within itself, not to mention the awards given out at each.

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