Museum Advocacy Day 2022 is on Thursday, February 24, 2022: What is modern day Hiroshima, Japan like?

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Thursday, February 24, 2022 is Museum Advocacy Day 2022. Museums Now: It's Museum Advocacy Day! It's Museum Advocacy Day! maria mortati I've posted quite a bit on this

What is modern day Hiroshima, Japan like?

I live in Hiroshima, but Lord Waffles did a good job of summing it up--it is a wonderful city, one of the best lesser cities in Japan. (only a few million)

Very clean, safe, easy to navigate with its street car system, and the number of international tourists who visit the Peace Park (ground zero) and the A-Bomb museum give it an international, pacifist flair that is in stark contrast to many of the cities of Japan.

There are lots of solemn remembrance ceremonies on August 6th, the day that marks the anniversary of the event, and world leaders often visit the area.

Last year many folks visited, but one I remember vividly seeing was the famous Latin American revolutionary (you know him from the T-Shirt) Che Guevara's daughter, who is in her 50's now.

It is similar to other big Japanese cities in other ways, for example, the huge shopping districts made up of department stores and upscale brand shops like Louis Vuitton and Prada. Also the covered street arcades have many neat little shops and restaurants,

and like Waffles said, you've gotta have the Okonomiyaki--It's the Japanese food that the every foreigner can agree on.

Other cool things--lots of expat hangouts and an international crowd, occasionally you'll meet US Navy folks or other servicemen, but there are folks from all over the world. As I mentioned before, Hiroshima is very pacifist, and naturally, are world renowned for the anti-nuclear advocacy. You mentioned religion, so I guess Buddhist and Christianity and of course native Shinto, but more than religion, I would say there is a special kind of sprituality that comes with living in a place that witnessed such horrible things, and then rebounded quickly.

In other words, definitely worth a visit.

My uncle was kia on omaha beach on D-day?

My uncle was kia on omaha beach on D-day?


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im stuck on career choices...?

im stuck on career choices...?

The difficulty with working with kids is that there aren't many jobs where you get to work with kids on a day-in, day-out basis, and most of those don't pay a living wage. Here's comprehensive list of everyone my 3- and 6-year-olds have come into contact with, from lowest salary to highest:

Nature Guide: You're a volunteer. You'd do it as a sideline to relax from your "real job".

Museum worker: Science museums attract kids by the score, but the people who actually interact with the kids don't make more than $8-$10 an hour. It's interesting work, but not a career unless you're actually designing the exhibits or managing the museum, in which case you're not working with the kids.

Day care/pre-school worker: Pay varies wildly, as does the quality of the place you work for. Opening your own could be extremely rewarding, or could bankrupt you.

Nanny: Nowadays nannies start approaching a living wage -- in our area they can make $15-$20/hour for a single kid. But no health care and no retirement makes it kind of rough as a career.

Teacher: They make less than nannies in raw salary, but health care and retirement make up for it.

Pediatric nurse: I know you're trying to avoid pediatrics, but it's the only place you're likely to break $40k/year with benefits.

Pediatrician: Lengthy training, long hours, but a good salary.

I'm afraid that's it in terms of people who work day in and day out with my kids. You're running into one of life's great frustrations: Everyone insists that kids should get dedicated, loving, well-trained professionals to care for them, but no one's willing to actually pay these "professionals" a reasonable salary.

-- Ooh, I'm going to steal that other person's answer: Child psychologists and child advocacy attorneys make excellent salaries, but you're dealing with unhappy kids all the time; doesn't sound like what you had in mind. On the other hand, some child advocacy attorneys are extremely proud of their careers as defenders of the defenseless. Social workers also have to deal with unhappy kids, but get paid a heck of a lot less.

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