National Rattlesnake Roundup on March, 2025: where can I buy rattlesnake to eat in California?

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where can I buy rattlesnake to eat in California?

Inside Death Valley National Park, there is a Furnace Creek Inn. In one of the dining spots, The Gourmet Room, they serve rattlesnake meat.

"The summer menu at the Gourmet Room is not as varied as the winter menu, but I did order an unusual appetizer: Rattlesnake Croquettes. I envision Betty out in the desert wrangling up a posse for the rattler roundup, but I am informed that they are farm raised rattlers. I thought rattlers would be dry, roasted chuck wagon-style over open coals, but surprisingly the croquettes are moist and tender."

There is also a market in Southern California that sells frozen rattlesnake meat from Texas.

Do people still make snake anti venom out of horse serum?

Do people still make snake anti venom out of horse serum?

How is Antivenin antivenom made? Antivenin (Latrodectus mactans) is a sterile, non-pyrogenic preparation derived by drying a frozen solution of specific venom-neutralizing globulins obtained from the blood serum of healthy horses.

(Ref: )

This product is called a "biologic product" because it is derived from biological sources.

Similar antivenom antivenom products use biologic materials from horses, snakes, sheep, and spiders. These biologic products have been sold under the brand name of Antivenin and Crofab.

How is a biologic antivenom made for use in treating a human with a snakebite?

First, the venom is “milked” from the snake. Then, it’s diluted and injected into a

horse or goat. As the animal builds up immunity to the venom, the dosage is

increased, and the animal creates blood rich in antibodies. (Ref:


Antibodies are blood proteins created to fight antigens. These antibodies collect in

the serum, which is eventually separated from the dark red cells. After the serum has

been purified, it’s ready to be injected. (Ref: )

Problems have been noted because of the use of biological products in the serum.

Horse blood products have given rise to serious allergic side effects. To address this

problem, a similar process was developed using sheep blood. This product, called

Crofab, is expensive (about $1000 per vial). And there are other constraints: It

must be refrigerated until use, must be injected by medically qualified personnel,

and is not available to the end user without a prescription. Therefore it cannot be

used in the field where first aid is needed the most, which is immediately following

the snakebite incident.

Recently, advances in antivenom production do NOT involve ANY biological products

(no horse blood; no horse serum; no sheep blood or serum; nor other biological products).

Venom-X is an anti-venom cleanser formulated to chemically attack and dissolve the snake venom rapidly, rendering it less harmful. National field tests were conducted beginning in 2006 by snake handlers and organizers of snake hunts and rattlesnake roundups in New Mexico, Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania and other locations throughout the U.S. This advance in antivenom production makes it possible to use the antivenom in the field, at the time of the snake bite. It can be used by anyone and does not require injections to be done by a medical professional. The major advantage of using it in the field is that valuable time is not lost by the victim having to travel to the nearest hospital. Reference:

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