Women in Construction Week on March, 2025: Women in Construction.?

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Women in Construction.?

I have worked in construction many years and have worked with several women that I respect greatly. I have also seen many failures. Failures usually happen when the women allow things to get out of hand before taking corrective action. I know it isn’t fair but the burden will always be yours.

My advise:

-Handle your clients in a professional and business like manner and you should have few problems.

- Male associates and subordinates (like children), will test the waters to find the limit.

-If you establish your posture and keep relationships on a professional level you will earn respect.

Why do Americans continue to believe that women are more discriminated than men?

Why do Americans continue to believe that women are more discriminated than men?

"Where women are more at a disadvantage is because 1/2 of families are being raised by sinlge mothers. MEN DUMP KIDS ON WOMEN. Thats what holds women down"

You fail to realize the fact that women, in 90% of the cases, are granted legal custody of the children - hence why the number of single mothers outweigh the single fathers. A father can't just request that he becomes the legal custodian; it's decided by the courts, and overall its balanced in the favour of women, since women are deemed the 'primary caregiver' by law and society. The OP even pointed this out; didn't you read? IMO, men are far more disadvantaged than women, since they can lose their children, their assets; house, cars etc, forced to pay child support and alimony for 18 years. This is only one aspect of the kind of injustices men face in this feminist age.

"Advantage is HIGher salaries, more mobiliyt, more freedom, more power, more respect"

How does this constitute discrimination? We have economic equality, hence the Equal Pay Act - this is backed up by state and federal law. If you're pertaining to the fact that, on the whole, men earn more, this can be justified by the following:

"First, the sheer amount of work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, full-time men clock an average of 45 hours a week, while women put in 42 hours. Men are more than twice as likely as women to work at least 50 hours a week – that’s why most CEOs are male.

Only in a socialist economy do employees get paid the same, regardless of the number of hours worked.

Second, men tend to gravitate to the socially-unrewarding but lucrative fields like computer programming, tax law, and engineering. And women select professions such as teaching, nursing, and social work that pay less, but offer more job flexibility.

Third is job desirability. Recently the Jobs Rated Almanac rated 250 jobs based on income, work environment, physical demands, stress, and so forth. These were the five worst jobs: seaman, ironworker, cowboy, fisherman, and lumberjack.

Does it come as a surprise that all of these jobs are male-dominated? The only way these companies can attract men to do the dirty work is to increase their paychecks.

Finally is the difference in job hazards. Men represent 92% of all occupational deaths. Why? Because if you look at a list of the most hazardous occupations – fire fighting, truck driving, construction, and mining – they have 96-98% male employees, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Shouldn’t men who risk their lives on a daily basis be paid something extra? " Corey Roberts

"The second point is the PORN industry. Women are sold for sex."

Women CHOOSE to sell themselves for sex - nobody forcing them to do it against their will. Therefore, they are not being "discriminated" against men. What a glaring logical fallacy.

"The third point is violence against women as seen by the hundreds of male serial killers. the rapists, the mutilators, the child molesters. "

What about violence against men - or doesn't that matter, b/c they're only "men"? Naturally. Do you realize the number of men killed far outweigh the number of women? Sure, more women are raped, but more men are murdered than women. Men are 5 times more likely than women to be murdered and 3 times more likely than women to be the victims of other violent crimes. But, still, we have the VAWA act - I don't hear about any other similar legislation being enacted in favour of men

THERE ARENT LOTS OF THINGS. you are not seeing the big picture: women are the most pampered and privileged demographic in the Western world.

WOMEN ONLY – Underwear question?

WOMEN ONLY – Underwear question?

I know you said women only but this is a question that I must answer. Since you are doing it for her, who cares what other girls think. Here's what I think about men in thongs.

There’s so much ignorance in here it’s not even funny! I'm a guy & I wear thongs and I don’t think much about it. If people have very little to do or are so insecure about their sexuality, then that’s their business. In addition, women have & continue to break the double standards than have been imposed on them by men & it’s time that us men do the same. If a lot of women wear thongs and find them very comfortable, why can’t men?

People are so narrow minded that they can't think straight. Let me ask you this, if men who wear thongs are gay or wanna be gays, does that mean that women who wear women's boxer briefs and boyshorts underwear are lesbians or that they are tomboys?

When it comes to me, I don’t wear thongs because of their looks or because I care about what people in general, fashion designers, & fashion critics think that is “in” or “out.“ In fact, I agree with women when they say that boxers briefs are the best looking underwear for men & that thongs look ugly on MOST (not all) men. Most men don’t have the nice butt shape to look good in thongs. But since I wear all of my underwear under my pants or shorts & I don’t walk around in my underwear, especially in public, I pick my underwear based on comfort & not what’s fashionable, masculine or feminine.

I wear thongs because of their unmatched support & because I personally think that thongs are the most comfortable type of underwear you can wear. Thongs give me the best support, in particular during sport activities, almost as if I was wearing a jock strap but a WHOLE LOT more comfortable. Once you have picked the right size, style, & material & you’ve worn them for a little while, they feel so comfortable that you hardly even feel, if at all.

I don't mean to discuss anyone, but for me, a huge reason why I love them so much is because they help prevent what I call “SBS” (Sticky Balls Syndrome), which is the sticky feeling that comes from your sweaty scrotum touching your inner thighs. I think that that sticky sensation is VERY uncomfortable! With the right thongs, you don't suffer from SBS. I don't know how most guys can live with SBS. I guess they don’t know any better. I didn’t & I would still be in the dark it if wasn’t for an ex-girlfriend who worked at Frederick’s of Hollywood. She literally made me wear them for a couple of weeks to try them out; but that‘s a different story. All I can say is that once you go with no SBS for a while, you never want to go back to it.

Some people feel that men shouldn't wear thongs, but I don't see why. People put too much importance on underwear. I guess that some people are homophobic & think that men who wear thongs are gay or feminine, as if the type of underwear you wear makes you more or less of a man. Dhaaa! I don’t suffer from homophobia & I’m VERY secured about my masculinity & sexuality to worry about little stuff like that.

Ironically, there's a western gay bar by my home, you should see some of the guys that go in & out of that place. Some look gay (totally feminine), some look like the average guy walking down the street, and quite a few look super, and I mean SUPER DUPER macho tough guys wearing western outfits. I’m not talking about some skinny guys, I’m talking about some well build guys. The build that you’d expect on a football player, construction worker, or cop. They look totally, 100%, MANLY MEN…and yet, they are gay! Clothes, in particular underwear, DO NOT make or break a man!

Since it seems that there’s quite a bit of ignorance & insecurity in here. I want to let those insecure people in on a secret. Pssst, come a bit closer…you (if you are a man) or your boyfriend or husband, is not going to turn gay by wearing a thong. For those of you who don’t know what a gay, lesbian, or homosexual really is, is a person who likes to be sexuality & emotionally involved with people of the SAME sex. In other words, your underwear won’t turn you or make you gay, bi or straight. It would be like saying that all gay men wear thongs & that they could change their sexual preference or be less gay just by wearing manly underwear such as boxers. It’s ignorant to think that your underwear defines who your are sexually. So let the sexually ignorant & insecure people worry about junk like that.

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