National Rebuilding Month on April, 2025: national guard?

April, 2025 is National Rebuilding Month 2025. National Rebuilding Month: April 2013 National Rebuilding Month:

national guard???

Still a ways off but have to give it to ya for thinking about your future. For a mechanic and engineer both basics are the same length. Mechanic for training last about 3 months and engineering about 5 depends on what type of each you are really. PT is done every day running every other day at least two miles on the off run days it is sit ups, push ups, and stuff like that. Best of luck to you and if you keep it up with school and take do real good on the asvab you can have any job in the military you want...

good luck to ya

Basic training, National Guard, what’s it like?

Basic training, National Guard, what's it like?

I myself am in the National Guard for Pennsylvania. I joined when I was a senior in high school and 2 months after I turned 18 and as of right now, I have almost been in for 2 years. I mostly joined because I wanted to serve within the state for disasters and what have you, but I was well aware of being deployed overseas. Remember, it is the Army and they have full control of you. Only thing different about the National Guard is that you are STATE AND FEDERALLY owned. Meaning that you can be deployed CONUS (continental US) or OCONUS (outside of continental US) at any time, mostly for state disasters, combat deployments in the middle east, etc. But about basic training since I just recently just went there in Jan 2012:

I am myself am 5'0, 110 lbs and a 19 year old male. I was in somewhat good shape, I could do a lot of pushups before basic but the running and situps was a problem for me. During basic, they will do everything they can to turn you from a civilian who is out of shape to a Soldier who can pass the APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) that consists of 2 minute pushups, situps and a 2 mile run. Depending on your age and gender, each standard is different to pass (60 pts minimum in each event). The Drill Sergeants will seemingly be harsh and mean but deep down inside they will be training you and making you deployment ready and a US Soldier ready for anything.

How you can help yourself prepare is start waking up early (5am), working out til you cant workout anymore and push yourself harder, being used to be being yelled at, being more disciplined in life in general, and just being able to be mentally and physically strong in general.

How its like being the national guard is that you are only part time, and drill once a month for a weekend and 2 weeks in the summer besides deployments. And do not worry about being changed, the only change you will see is how much stronger you can become, how much more friends you make, how you can learn to push yourself and how to be mentally fit for anything.

Hope this helps out a lot!

Soldier to possible soldier.

national housing crisis?

national housing crisis?

Many people were convinced by greedy Real Estate Agents they could afford something they couldn't. Banks and mortgage companies were giving away adjustable mortgages like they were balloons. When the housing market crashed and suddenly adjustable mortgages doubled, people couldn't afford them, sending them into foreclosure. Millions and millions of people lost their jobs and had no way to pay their mortgage, again sending millions into foreclosure.

Even people who did everything right, like myself, meaning putting down 20% on a 30 year fixed and had my home for 15 years did me no good. I lost my job, had to go into my savings, pretty much deleting it and when I finally found a job doing the same thing for $25,000 less a year, 9 months later, there was no way for me to keep up on my mortgage and had to go into foreclosure. I had a 401K that lost more than half its value last September. I had worked and planned carefully for years to be able to retire at age 59. Now at 56, I have had to start all over with almost nothing. I don't have the same time as someone who is 26, or 36 to rebuild what I had. What happened is the shame of this country and how our government allowed all these things to happen. This country belongs to the rich and wealthy. Main street has no country as far as I'm concerned.

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