Library Snapshot Month on April, 2024: Do I keep my month old CANON or switch to a NIKON right away?

April, 2024 is Library Snapshot Month 2024. Texas Library Snapshot Day, October 31 (or any day of the month ... Texans Love Libraries! How does Library Snapshot Day work

Do I keep my month old CANON or switch to a NIKON right away?

Its rather apparent that you are quite confused. I suggest returning the Canon and then, before buying any other camera, do some research. First, make a list of the features you consider important. Then read reviews comparing equivalent Nikon and Canon cameras. The brand with the most features on your list will be the camera to buy.

The fact that you find fault with the Canon by blaming it for poor low-light, non-flash pictures tells me you are inexperienced. In 37 years I have never had a camera take a bad picture. I've certainly used a camera to take a bad picture but the camera was innocent of any wrongdoing. It isn't the camera, its the person using it.

Repeat this 100 times: It isn't the camera, its the person using it.

"Pictures are not taken, they are made." Ansel Adams

"Best wide-angle lens? Two steps backward. Look for the 'ah-ha' ." Ernst Haas

Successful low-light, non-flash photography requires a fast lens. I always suggest a 50mm f1.4 even though its more expensive than a 50mm f1.8. An f1.4 lens will give you a brighter viewfinder than an f1.8 and that make composing easier in low-light conditions.

These books should be on your reading list:

"Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson

"Digital SLR Handbook" by John Freeman

"Understanding Shutter Speed" by Bryan Peterson

"David Busch's Quick Snap Guide to Using Digital SLR Lenses" by (surprise) David Busch

"The Art of Digital Photography" by Joseph Meehan

I also suggest subscribing to at least one photography magazine. My personal favorite is Shutterbug but you should go to the library and read the ones they have and decide which one appeals to you.

Unless you want to remain a person who uses an expensive camera to take snapshots you need to begin studying photography. Simply buying a camera does not magically make you a photographer any more than buying a calculator makes you a mathematician or buying a chemistry set makes you a chemist.

Sever error Google News?

Sever error Google News?

Hi, If you get frequent error messages and program freezes, maybe it’s time to clean your computer registry. Your PC’s registry is a like library, storing the settings for the programs you run most often. An efficient, well-organized registry helps your PC run faster.Signs of a slow registry include:

·Frequent Error Messages

·Program Freezes

·Computer Crashes

Even the initial download of the operating system on a new computer can start the clutter that eventually slows your system down, including the internet. Make sure and delete any temp files, old download files and cookies you don't need anymore. This will also help.

Every Computer owner needs a registry cleaner because there is no way to correct this issue unless you relaod the operating system and all programs fresh every 6 to 12 months.

A good registry cleaner is the best place to start and keep that copmuter running like new.

I've had great sucess with it and I'm sure you will too.

Professional Photographer question?

Professional Photographer question?

Please don't get mad at me for telling you the truth.

You have a lovely model there, and your photos are fine snapshots, but that is all they are........ snapshots.

If you hope to make any money with photography, you have a LOT to learn.

The good part is that there is endless help available. Start at your local library, cruise the internet. The big camera manufacturers all have a learning/school component on their websites. YouTube has tons of tutorials.

Then you need to learn about post processing - countless hours of work in that, too.

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