National Rivers Month on June, 2025: How was the Columbia River debate settled?

June, 2025 is National Rivers Month 2025. June is National Rivers Month! June is National Rivers Month!

How was the Columbia River debate settled?

I found some links that might you.Oregon officials debate details of Columbia River bridge

Officials planning a new Columbia River Crossing are mired in discussions about toll rates, cost estimates and how many lanes the bridge will have. Pegged as a $4 billion project, the crossing would supplant two three-lane drawbridges and is part of other infrastructure improvements. "If we don't have a record of decision before the [legislative] session starts, we could very easily miss an opportunity for funding of the project," said Don Wagner, co-director of the crossing office in Vancouver, Wash.

-------------- Plan endangers Columbia River


The Columbia River is an international treasure. It is river as icon: once home to one of the richest salmon fisheries on Earth, a mighty river where tribes fished and lived for generations beyond memory.

Much has changed since U.S. and British explorers canoed these waters. Dams have turned "darkness to dawn" as the world's largest integrated hydropower system electrifies the Northwest. Massive pumps divert water to subsidize irrigated agriculture in the desert.

But "river as machine" is destroying river as ecosystem. Wild salmon teeter at extinction's abyss. Fishing communities and cultures are as endangered as the fish; recreational and fishing economies are faltering. Even Puget Sound orcas are harmed by the decline of the ocean-going Columbia River salmon that comprise much of the whales' winter diet.

Gov. Christine Gregoire and the Legislature last month enacted two laws that will have a major effect on the Columbia. When government shuts out key information, government risks making bad decisions -- and that is what happened when Olympia produced the new Columbia River Management Plan.

-------------- Cousteau dives into Columbia River salmon debate

By Matt Preusch, The Oregonian

August 26, 2009, 7:30AMFilm-maker Jean-Michel Cousteau is asking the head of the country's top fisheries agency to reject a plan for keeping some Northwest salmon from going extinct.

In a letter earlier this month to Jane Lubchencho, former Oregon scientist and now head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Cousteau says the plan to mitigate for the harm done to salmon by the region's federal hydroelectric dams endangers killer whales.

Cousteau, founder and president of the Ocean Futures Society, praises the government's plan, called a Biological Opinion, for salmon in central California because the government considered the salmons' importance to endangered killer whales, also called orcas.

The opinion for the Columbia Basin, he said, does not make a similar determination.

"This inconsistency in the science needs to be reconciled," he writes. --------------------- The impact of dredging on salmon spurs debate

Columbia River Crossing: Where's the debate?

By Galen Barnett, The Oregonian

September 08, 2009, 8:30AMThe Oregon Transportation Commission recently approved $30 million in additional money for the Columbia River Crossing, which brings the amount committed by Oregon and Washington to the project to $95 million.

Most of the additional money will be spent on further studies of a 12-lane bridge design that has neither been approved nor seriously debated by elected leaders of those most affected by what will be the largest single infrastructure investment in Oregon's history. ---------------------Friday, January 4, 2002



Seattle P-IPORTLAND -- After more than a year of additional study, the Army Corps of Engineers says threatened salmon will not be seriously affected by a $188 million Columbia River dredging project aimed at opening the river to ever more massive container ships.


Which animal is the main attraction in Assam’s Kaziranga National Park?

Which animal is the main attraction in Assam's Kaziranga National Park?

Kaziranga National Park

Location : Bokakhat (23-kms), Assam.

Nearest Access : Bokakhat

Main Wildlife Found : Rhinos, Tigers, Leopards

Coverage Area : 430-sq-kms

Kaziranga Tour Packages

Kaziranga Lodges & Resorts

About Kaziranga National Park

Located on the banks of the mighty Brahmaputra River in the far North East of India, Assam, Kaziranga National Park covers an area of approximately 430-sq-kms with its swamps and tall thickets of elephant grass making it the ideal habitat for the Indian One-Horned Rhino. Due to limitless poaching of this prehistoric survivor, the Kaziranga National Park was declared a wildlife sanctuary in 1940.

Major Wildlife Attractions of Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary

Beside ofcourse the great one horned Indian Rhino, the other major wild attractions include a large population of Indian Elephants, Indian Bison, Swamp Deer or Barasingha, Hog Deer, Sloth Bears, Tigers, Leopard Cats, Jungle Cats, Otters, Hog Badgers, Capped Langurs, Hoolock Gibbons, Wild Boar, Jackal, Wild Buffalo, Pythons, Monitor Lizards, etc.

Kaziranga National Park is a birding paradise; the grasslands are a raptor country that can be seen on safari makes a remarkable experience. These include the Oriental Honey Buzzard, Black-Shouldered Kite, Black Kite, Brahminy Kite, Pallas's Fishing Eagle, White Tailed Eagle, Grey-Headed Fishing Eagle, Himalayan Griffon, etc. Huge numbers of migratory birds descend on the parks lakes and marshy areas during winters, including Greylag Geese, Bar-Headed Geese, Ruddy Shelduck, Gadwall, Falcated Duck, Red-Crested Pochard and Northern Shoveller.

Other Attractions In Kaziranga

Elephant Safari : The vast open country makes Kaziranga National Park very accessible and wildlife viewing fairly pleasurable. Here one can leave in the early hours of the dawn for an elephant-back-ride. Authorized and trained Mahouts who guide visitors through the park train the Elephants. One could see wild Elephant herds roaming around or Indian Rhinos browse past visitors unconcernedly. Since Kaziranga wildlife Sanctuary is easily accessible, its provides a chance to see animals in the wild at such close quarters, thus making a trip to this National Park a very rewarding experience.

Sightseeing in Kaziranga : Tourists can stroll through the lush coffee and rubber plantations of the nearby Karbi Anglong. Or visit the Karbi villages, meet the Karbi people and observe their way of living. Yiu can also venture through the tea gardens that Assam is so famous for and watch how one gets one's daily cup of tea. Film shows on wildlife can be arranged at the various tourist lodges in Kaziranga, on request.

Best Time to Visit Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga's visiting season is from mid-November to early April months. During the monsoons, the Brahmaputra River bursts its banks, flooding the low-lying grasslands and causing animals to migrate from one area to another within the Kaziranga National Park.

How to Get there

Air : The nearest airport is situated at Guwahati, which is 217-km away from the park. The other airport is located at Jorhat, 97-km from Kaziranga.

Rail : The nearest railhead is Furkating, situated 75-km away from Kaziranga National Park.

Road : The main gate for Kaziranga Wildlife Sanctuary, at Kohora on the NH-37, consists of a handful of cafes and a small local market. ASTC and private buses stop here on their way to and from Guwahati, Tezpur and Upper Assam. Some private buses also retain a seat quota for Kaziranga passengers.

General Info / Tips

Reservation Authority :Joint Director of Tourism, Kaziranga, P.O Kaziranga National Park, District Jorhat, Assam - 785612

Note :Visiting Kaziranga independently can be expensive due to the two-tier price system, with different entry costs for Indian nationals and foreigners. There are separate charges for elephant safari and jeep rides from the lodges to the park entrance, as well as a system of variable camera fees.

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