Rebuild Your Life Month on June, 2024: Rebuilding your life?

June, 2024 is Rebuild Your Life Month 2024. Keeping it Simple (KISBYTO): June is Rebuild Your Life Month So, your life has been turned

Rebuilding your life?

Just recently, in fact.

For the most part, every time I have gone through a break-up I have been able to get back up on my feet and dust myself off within a month or two. However, a guy that I was with about eight months ago really "captured me" for lack of a better way to put it.

We broke up and it shattered me and it has taken so long to pick up the pieces. I finally felt like I had it back together and then three days ago he asked me out to dinner. As soon as I sat down the past eight months were gone and I was back to square one. I felt the same way I did the day we broke up.

My life has fallen apart in the past 12 months. Don’t want suicide -- how can I rebuild?

My life has fallen apart in the past 12 months. Don't want suicide -- how can I rebuild?

Dear Wondering, First of all what would suicide do to help? Do you believe in God? If so, then just ask God into your life,ask for his favor in helping you with each and every problem that you have been having. You must have faith for him too get through however. Your an intelligent person are else you would not have a Master's Degree. Your one of the lucky ones I have never been able to go too college. Finally after all of these years I'm finally going too get my chance,and I'm taking and running with it. Al way's count your blessing each and everyday. God put you on this earth for a reason,Use your mind and gather yourself. Then when you feel your ready to start,get on with your life,don't let small problems become big ones. Just take life one day at a time. Start by setting yourself some small goals,and reaching them.Then move on too bigger and better things later on. Do you have a pet to keep you copy on lonely night's? If not you might want too think about getting one. There great for cuddling,and they don't judge. You said you use to be a great Mom,you still can be. You can be a great worker again too,just ask God's help at the beginning of each day,and remember too thank him at the end of each day. Soon your life will start getting better,it just taker's time. Good Luck And God Bless You,I Really Hope Everything Works Out For You......................

How can I rebuild my life after my 2nd dui?

How can I rebuild my life after my 2nd dui?

I'm asking myself the same question, man. I got my second dui 8 months ago and its like they want you to wander off and die. I still haven't found work and constantly wonder where I'm going from here. I'm only now realizing life will never be the same. It helps me to turn it all upside down and voluntarily downsize my life, dropping out of the rat race. I'm sure that sounds ridiculous to someone addicted to acquisition, but to hell with them. Exercize works wonders for maintaining a sense of stability. It can be free, or close to it. So are books from your local library. Focus on what matters to you and let all the petty bs go. Good luck.

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