National Robotics Week on April, 2023: Prom or Robotics competition?

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Prom or Robotics competition?

Well...Your prom is something that will only happen once in your life. It is a very very memorable night for many people, Especially after it. You can always continue with the robotics club and do many more competitions throughout your whole life. You also have the pride in knowing you helped build it if your team wins. They will probably mention your name at the ceremony. So as i was saying, I think you should go to your prom.

National American Miss Question!!!!!?

National American Miss Question!!!!!?

If you are that involved in your community/have that many hobbies you should have no problem getting in a NAM pageant as long as you are doing it for the right reasons. NAM is a great pageant for first-timers! Community involvement is actually worth 10% when you do your part of their charity. If you did great in your interview then you should be fine. They should be notifying you of your acceptance status within a week to 10 days.

What is the name of the FIRST Robotics documentary to be released to PBS stations this fall?

What is the name of the FIRST Robotics documentary to be released to PBS stations this fall?

The current title is " FIRST Robotics Competition: 2008" It is a two-hour documentary scheduled for broadcast nationally on PBS in late 2008 or early 2009.

The program will follow the experiences of five groups of high school students from around the country as they engineer, build and operate robots to compete in regional and national FIRST robotics tournaments.

The link below has a full article on the documentary

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