National Scrabble Week on August, 2024: What are some common national pastimes in France?

National Scrabble Week 2024. National Scrabble Week National Scrabble Week

What are some common national pastimes in France?

The French are very family and friends orientated so that they do like gathering with them at the week-ends, often to eat tasty meals during which they chat and discuss everything from politics to personal matters. Religious people go to their place of worship at the week-end. Receiving guests lavishly for meals is common and all the stops are pulled out from beautifully embroidered tablecloths to best china, and cooking is considered an extremely important skill. There are masses of good restaurants and people enjoy taking all the family for a meal out, especially for special celebrations such as anniversaries and birthdays.

The French follow sports avidly: football, tennis, horse racing, ice-skating etc... depending on the season and their personal preferences, and even go out of their way to cheer the famous cycle race the "Tour de France" that takes place every year in the summer. Young people do all sorts of sports from rowing or wind-surfing to ab-sailing or climbing. In the mountains there is skiing, toboganning or paragliding. Amongst older people the game of "boules" is particularly popular and in many places you can see groups of senior citizens who have gathered to play in public squares or parcs. If the weather is good people go for walks (or to the beach if they are near the seaside).They like gardening and DIY. If the weather is bad, older adults resort to cards, dominoes, Scrabble and children have various indoor board games such as Monopoly, but people also watch TV or spend time on their computer. Many women still like all forms of needlework such as embroidery or knitting and it is not uncommon to see even fairly young women knitting on the beach as they chat with friends or relatives. You can see many people playing volley-ball with friends on the beach too.

The same facilities exist in France as in other countries: stadiums, sports centres, outdoor tennis courts, cinemas, concerts, theatre or shows etc...In the summer there are lots of festivals which can be folklore or local gatherings, fetes and fairs, pageants or religious processions, competitions, dancing in the open air and fireworks on the 14th July (which is the national celebration day). In the spring they have carnivals, and in the autumn there are festivities to celebrate the harvest, the end of the grape harvest in regions where wine is made, and at the seaside they have " fishing festival", "herring festival " or "oyster festival" . In the South they have flower festivals with floats entirely made with masses of blooms and flower battles. There also are religious processions on certain holy days such as Pentecost or the 15th August which people go to see even if they do not participate in them.

There are Arts and Culture festivals all over France, many specialised exhibitions, food and drink fairs, art and craft markets, open air concerts, majorettes and wind bands, costumed events, aerial displays etc... where everyone goes and enjoys a good time.

Every town has a rich past so that local museums, castles, or activity centres are full of artifacts or interesting things which people take their children to see. Last and not least people read and spend time on personal hobbies such as art or craft work, playing instruments, music, sport, dance (anything from traditional folk dances to break dancing) or drama clubs, etc...

Culture is highly respected, and the French do not enjoy total idleness even when it is their free time. They chat and interact with others in multiple ways and really know how to have a good time without indulging in excesses or creating affrays.

Where can I find a scrabble club in Glasgow?

Where can I find a scrabble club in Glasgow?

Glasgow Scrabble Club

Contact : Mary Jones, 40 Riverside Park, Glasgow, G44 3PG

Phone : 0141 637 8945

email :

Venue : Renfield St. Stephen's Church, 260 Bath Street, Glasgow, G2 4JP (between the Elmbank Street and Holland Street junctions).

Transport : Just off the M8 between junctions 18 and 19, and near Charing Cross railway station.

Time : Wednesday evenings, 6.00 - 9.45, every week except during July and between Christmas and New Year.

Meetings : Typical attendance of between 10 and 16 players each evening. The club has one or two Scrabble sets but regular attendees are encouraged to bring their own equipment, particularly clocks.

Membership : The club has around 20 members, ranging from World Championship class to social players who do not attend tournaments, and all those in between.

Weekly cost : There is no annual or joining fee. Each player pays £3 per night they attend, except first-time visitors who get their first night free. Newcomers and visitors are welcomed. All newcomers are given a crib sheet of 2- and 3-letter words to refer to during play for their first few weeks. In time players are expected to play using timers and without the crib sheet to hand.

Teams : The club has two teams in the Scottish Scrabble League, the Scorpions and Raccoons, plus three individuals who play in other teams. The club also regularly submits one or two teams into the National Scrabble Club Tournament. Throughout the year there are also occasional 6-a-side matches against teams from Edinburgh and Kirkcaldy.

External Tournaments : The club organises an annual 6-game one-day event, usually on the first or second Saturday in November, held in Motherwell.

Internal Club Competitions : Every game each club member plays in a season (August to June) counts towards the club championship, with the winner being that player who has the highest percentage of wins, subject to a minimum of 60 games. Alongside this is the May Mair Quaich competition, which uses a handicap system to equalise ability and even out any skewed distribution of opponents.

Disabled access : The main doors have push-button opening for those with restricted mobility. There is a wheelchair lift to the foyer and a main lift to access all floors adjacent to this.

National School Srabble Championship??

National School Srabble Championship??

What I am doing right now is reading the dictionary. Find a simple dictionary and you will become more familiar with more words, and the more words you know the better!

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