Poetry Day 2024 is on Wednesday, October 2, 2024: Poetry.?

Wednesday, October 2, 2024 is Poetry Day 2024. National Poetry Day - 2 October 2014 - Resources Logo of National Poetry Day

Poetry Day

Poetry Day is a party of verse for every person, almost everywhere: from settings up, bus queues to healthcare facilities and zoos. It's a day when poetry takes to the streets. It's a chance for you to make use of poetry to claim things that cannot be said in prose.


Poetry isnt exactly a real big seller on the open market these days unfortunately. What most poets do is use poetry to develop their craft and writing skills and eventually switch to prose in order to avoid a life of living in their mother's basement eating catfood because that's all they can afford.

This is not meant to discourage you, but tell me the last really big selling book of poetry - I mean a book of poetry that sold an amount of books similar to James Patterson's last thriller.

Poetry is kind of a rite of passage - lots of kids do it because its an expressive way to get through those teen years. So write all the poetry you want, but read tons and tons of books and allow yourself to grow in the craft of writing. Good luck and show us some poems. Pax - C.

Is today national poetry day?

Is today national poetry day?

National Poetry Day - 3 October 2013

National Poetry Day is a campaign for poets, poetry fans and poetry organisations

to enjoy and participate in, held every year on the first Thursday in October...

You have written a wonderful poem to compliment National Poetry Day...

when is national poetry day?

when is national poetry day?

National Poetry day is on Thursday October 4th 2007.

The theme for 2007 is "Dream."

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