Preservation Week on April, 2025: Food Preservation?

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Food Preservation?

If it is cooked and not allowed to be contaminated ,u may refrigerate for a week or a freezer for 3 month.

Gown cleaning and preservation?

Gown cleaning and preservation?

David's Bridal has a gown preservation kit, and it is so take the dress in, and they bag it up and send it to a company in PA that has been in the business for a little over 80 years. The company cleans, does minor repairs and preserves the gown. The whol process takes about 6-8 weeks.

For a dress purchased at David's Bridal the kit is $129, other wise it is $189.

fudge preservation?!?!??!?

fudge preservation?!?!??!?

Fudge will dry out before it would "go bad".

There really is nothing in it to preserve it.

The high quantity of sugar retards mold growth but since it can dry out it becomes less smooth and creamy.

It can be kept frozen or if wrapped well in plastic it will stay moist and smooth longer.

If you are looking to make some to give for holiday gifts I would wait for another few weeks then make the fudge, wrap portions in plastic and freeze for giving later.

The best fudge to make in advance would be fudge that is made with marshmallows or the marshmallow cream rather than the fudge that is temperature sensitive.

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