Explore Your Career Options Week on April, 2025: Is Pharmacy is a good Career Option?

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Is Pharmacy is a good Career Option?

Pharmacy is a super career to be headed into. Most pharmacists get jobs before they have even graduated.

To be a pharmacist, you must get a PharmD (Doctor of Pharmacy), whch requires at least 6 years of schooling. There are two ways to do this: a 2/4 year program or a 6 year program. In a 2/4 program you take 2 years of prepharmacy, then go on to a graduate pharmacy school for the last 4 years.

In a 6 year program (which is still 2 years prepharm and 4 graduate), you are saying from year 1 that you want to be a pharmacist and are locked in for those 6 years. Some colleges require you to take a test after you finish their prepharm program to make sure you can get into their grad school.

Depending on where you work and how much money you want to make, your schedule can change. You can work part time, sometimes from home, or a regular 40 hour work week.

What you do is a tiny bit different based on whether you work in a retail store (like walgreens or riteaid) or a hospital. But the general work is checking what people are taking, making sure their meds dont clash, and checking dosage amounts, mostly chemical stuff.

It helps to enjoy chemistry and biology if you want to dedicate your life to this.

If you're not sure if you like pharmacy or not you should contact your local hospital and see if they allow job shadowing. If you can set this up then you can follow a pharmacist around their work area for a few days (or however long you want) and talk to them about pharmacy while exploring the job field.

Sorry this is so wordy, haha i guess i had more to say than i thought i did!

If you want to know more feel free to email me! If not, good luck with your exploration!

career help?

career help?

Always keep your options open. Find out what your passions are. What is the thing that you love to do and nothing makes you happier? When you think you know that is, then all you need to do is to keep an open mind and start exploring what ways you can make money at it. But don't stop there. Maybe your passion is something that doesn't make a good living. If that's what is important you could find a career that makes you a good living, even if you don't love it, you could invest any extra income until you are financially free to follow your passion without any financial strain.

Another good idea is to start reading books about successful people in the fields you're interested in. Some people find them very inspiring.

A lot of people get a degree in something that never applies to their job. It's not a waste its just part of the journey.

Good luck, and don't stress out.

Career Should I Go Into?

Career Should I Go Into?

Well, I'm going to say straight off that at 10th grade, you can still have your options open. You don't NEED to know what you want to do with your life before college. You don't need to declare your major on your applications-or even on your first day. You have time to explore these options a bit. Thinking about it now is a good idea-many people don't until after they're already in college.

Since most of the careers you've listed involve college work, you can definately explore these options your first and second years of university. Even better, see if you can talk to some people who actually do these professions and find out what the nitty-gritty parts of the actual jobs are.

Pay and time involved should not be your only consideration here. Remember, a job is something you'll be doing at least five days a week for many years at a time-that's why it's important to find something you LIKE-or at least are willing to tolerate for the benefits it brings. The classes you need to take pre-law or pre-med will be important to that field, but it may not been very like what the profession deals with on a regular basis. That's where grad school comes in.


Medicine involves four years of medical school after college, after which you'll get your M.D.-and the title doctor.

After that, you'll have to do your residency, where you'll specialize. For example, you can specialize in Psychiatry, which is a medical profession. The length of the specialty is determined by the type of program. Family medicine, for instance, involves three years of residency. I think the same is true of psychiatry. I have a friend who's a surgical neurologist (literally, he's a brain surgeon.) His residency lasted seven years. He's also a MD PHD. He was in medical school when I started college. He's just finished residency. I am getting ready for my ten year reunion.

Your scedule during residency will vary by your program-each has it's own set up. Many states have now outlawed the 24-36 hour shifts that used to be common for interns and residents, but that doesn't mean you're 9-5. Someone needs to be in the hospital at all hours-and sometimes that'll be you. Sometimes you may have to make an emergency run to the er about one of your patients, and you not have much of a social life. At the same time, you wont get paid much. It'll definately be enough to live on, but you wont be living in Trump Towers.

The thing about medicine, it's hard work-but it's very rewarding. You may not get rich, but you'll have enough-for you and a family. You may not have much social life for a while-but my husband and I managed to date, get married, and have a son between medical school and his last year of residency.

Law school will involve at least three years academic time. It's very stringent. The pay rate will vary with the type of law you practice. Environmental law probably doesn't pay as much as litigation does. It probably involves very different activities. You can practice law in a courtroom or behind a desk-very different looking jobs, but both are the law.

As for the PI/detective route, you may want to check with your local board of ed. Sometimes they have summer vocational programs designed to give kids exposure to jobs that might interest them. One of the ones I've seen was about law enforcement.

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