Red Cross Month on March, 2024: Future Career: Dentist; Red Cross?

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Future Career: Dentist; Red Cross?

Red Cross would be a good volunteer place. But also going to like the nursing homes and educating them on taking care of their teeth. Also if you could educate some local schools during dental health month. Also if you could get a part time job as a dental assistant in a dental office would be helpful to you. Some offices will train assistants off the street, its not required that you go to school for that.

Trouble getting proof of certification from Red Cross CPR- its been months and now employment is at

Trouble getting proof of certification from Red Cross CPR- its been months and now employment is at stake?

There is something odd here. If this was an actual Red Cross class, that is, one that was set up by, scheduled by, and run by the American Red Cross, you would get a wallet-sized heavy-stock card immediately upon completion of the class. I teach these classes all the time and the cards are in my instructor's packet.

It sounds like the university itself is offering this class, which is something many of them do. If so, then it may well not be in the Red Crosses system, and may in fact not actually be a Red Cross class. If it is not a Red Cross class, then you cannot get such a card from them.

Try contacting your local office of the Red Cross and ask them if the classes offered at the school are through them or not. or ask your instructors at the school if it is an actual Red Cross class or just 'to Red Cross standards' or something.

Emailing the national office for something like this is tricky- the Red Cross has been slimming down in manpower for the last several years and a lot of the response you get will depend on exactly what you asked for, and through which department. (As an instructor, I have not had to ask them anything like this since they restructured a couple years ago, so don't have any advice on that front.)

To TH- Again, if this was a REAL Red Cross class, taught by the Red Cross, etc., the cards are given out IMMEDIATELY upon completion- they don't mail you or email you anything,

Contacting Red Cross?

Contacting Red Cross?

Contact his Company directly. Cut out the middle man (Red Cross). I'm sure you can find a way. This is discouraged but whatever, who cares.


How you get the take the address you send him mail to. It should be like PVT Smith, John

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