Simplify Your Life Week on August, 2024: How to make life simple and happier?

Simplify Your Life Week 2024. Simplify Your Life This Week Simplify Your Life This Week

How to make life simple and happier?

I simplified my life by getting rid of the things that irritated me most. For example, if I'm in the middle of something, I never drop it to answer the phone. That's what the machine is for.

I refuse to spend my life running errands. I make a list and go out once a week at off hours, like 7:00 p.m. on a Thursday, when no one's around, and if I forget one or more things, I just do without until the next trip.

I don't talk on the phone to people who go on and on about their problems. I don't answer when they call, and I don't call them back either. That alone has made me calmer, and I don't miss any of those whiners at all.

I pay most of my bills online, and I don't run up any bills either, because then I don't have as many to pay. I pay in cash or debit whenever possible.

I keep enough food at home so I can always put together something to eat when I don't have time to do my grocery shopping like I had planned.

I plan for emergencies by having spare cash in my car and at home, and by having plenty in a money market for major emergencies. I keep hand wipes, Kleenex, gloves and my cell phone charger in my car too. My cell phone has never died on me because of this.

I keep all my papers filed and organized so I don't have to search for stuff. I keep business cards of all the doctors, insurance agents, favorite restaurants, hotels, etc., in a business card notebook for quick reference. I also have a special labeled binder for warranties and owners manuals. I make it a point to put things away and file them properly so I never have to panic and search for something.

Anything that I haven't used in one year I throw away or give away or donate so I don't have any clutter. This goes for clothes too. Clutter makes even normal people go insane.

I make it a point to always have toothpaste, toilet paper, Kleenex, band-aids and ointment, shampoo, soap, detergent, stuff like that, on hand so I never run out and have to make a frantic trip to the store.

I make lists of everything I have to do and cross it off as I go. Then I have the freedom to forget stuff, because it's on the list. If I notice something has been on my list for a while and I still haven't done it, I figure it's not that important to me anyway and I cross it off.

My favorite trick is I keep a pair of scissors, a roll of tape and a hammer in every room. You would not believe how that has changed my life!

Bottom line: Life is uncertain, and if we control what we can, it's much easier to handle what we can't.

Are you planning to simplify your life?

Are you planning to simplify your life?

my life used to be as simple as can get, until my wife got it in her head she wants to relocate and go live in america, now my problems have only just begun.

Any suggestions on simplifying my life?

Any suggestions on simplifying my life?

Your new mantra is, “If the mama ain’t happy, then NOBODY is happy.” The mama is the ultimate authority. You must step into your power as such.

You need to stomp some fanny.

Tell them that these chores had better be done when you get home or they will have PEANUT BUTTER FOR DINNER. Believe me, after a week of that, they will comply.

You are not their maid, nor their slave. You are working and going to school. The job pays current bills and the school will help you get a better job. Better job = more money in the house!

The teens are old enough to pick up after themselves and to each handle several common area maintenance chores. Somebody can bloody well start dinner. Just take the appropriate meat out of the freezer along with the appropriate sides and have the appointed person start that when they get home.

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