Teen Tech Week on March, 2025: Teen moms and dads needed?

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Teen moms and dads needed?

Teen mom.

1) i was 16 years old.

2) 2 daughters

3) The first time me and my fiance had sex and used protection, the condom split and the second time was an accident, used no protection.

4) Yes, I graduated from high school a week before giving birth!

5) I cannot just call my friends up and say hey you wanna go to the mall? because now i have 2 small children to look after and going to the mall with my daughters and friends is impossible!

6) Thinking about it now no.

7) My cousin was 17 years old and she had a 3 month old son around the time i got pregnant with my first child which was pretty handy!

8) Yes, we get married in a couple of months time.

9) When i got pregnant with my first i did think about abortion for the first week or so then i decided that i couldn't do it.

10) At first no, my dad and stepmom wanted me to get a proper job, my own home, get married, get a car, earn good money before i had children- But now my dad and stepmom love my daughters and love spending time with them.

Teen pregnancy and parenthood information?

Teen pregnancy and parenthood information?

Hmm I can't speak for every teen parent but I can tell you my experiences?

Outside of school many older women give me dirty looks. I could care less, they are nobody to be judging me.

At school it's completely different. I'm mostly respected by my peers. I offer social help as well as academic health. Every time someone has a relationship or math problem they come to me. I don't look for fights quite the contrary, I break them up. I give hugs to however I see crying and love to tutor people. This one time a guy was picking on me, and a group of girls told him "You need to respect her because she's a mom!" And well I am very motherly over my friends. their parents don't like me because "I'm a bad influence" but whenever someone wants to have sex I convince them to wait or if their minds are set I educate them about birth control (hormone and barrier), tracking their ovulation, and lowering his sperm count. Our school doesn't even have sex ed!

So far three of six of my teachers know about my daughter. I usually don't tell them because if I fail to complete an assignment or something I don't want them to blame my daughter. The first two teachers took it casually just asking a couple of questions about my life, the third teacher however is the leader of the bible club, so you bet he didn't take is so lightly since I'm not married.

I'm not sure what goes on with my boyfriend. He just loves to show off the fact that he has a beautiful daughter and is pretty popular at his school. If someone insults or judges us for being parents he's quick at changing their minds.


While I was pregnant and for the first couple months of my daughter's life my boyfriend worked at a miserable car wash. He would sometimes work 12 hours a day every day of the week, and when we would expect a fat check biweekly, he got around 80-100 dollars. He didn't have time for us or for school so he quit. Now he's self employed, he realized he can make so much money on his own. He buys used computers, modifies them, and resells them for a higher price. He repairs electronics and also paints houses. Every once in a while he dj's at parties. He also does landscaping. So we are set financially.

Our education was affected positively. He didn't take school as serious and I was pretty suicidal and depressed. He was barley passing and I got straight F's. Once we found out I was pregnant our grades went up and we caught up on our credits. Now we are BOTH getting straight A's. Since he graduates first he'll be going to a tech school to be exposed to what he's interested in and to make more money so we can pay off my college. I plan on being my class valedictorian and will be going to a four year college after high school.


Too much, after having my daughter in the hospital they attacked me with social workers and they handed me millions of brochures on free housing, jobs, food, pretty much for everything!

We went to an alternative school while I was pregnant to be together as my belly grew and to catch up to our credits. It was for a semester only though. I guess that's the only "help" that we got.

Other than that we don't rely on the government for anything. Being teen parents doesn't mean that we're government leeches. We pay for all of our daughter's needs. We're responsible and don't need any help.

I have been looking at scholarships recently, there are A LOT for teen parents, but I find that pretty unfair, so instead I'm going for the harder to get scholarships because it feels more rewarding =]

What are some good teen blogs?

What are some good teen blogs?

it's not a drama blog but i have a blog called the teen scene. it's about the latest fashion, apps, books, tech, entertainment, stuff teens are mostly interested in. i blog once a week and it's

my tumblr blog which i also have just has overviews of what i talk about each week on the teen scene. it's

check it out and if u like it let me know! :)

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