Universal Women's Week on March, 2024: If birth control pills are changing women's hormones?

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If birth control pills are changing women’s hormones?

You could be on to something. For years I've ponder over similar matters. Love is chemical, within the brain and body that is. There's the intellectual side of love as in admiring someones morals or accomplishments, or favoring rational qualities like honesty and dependability. But deep down, the primal motivator is all chemical. And if birth control pills affect the chemistry of woman's body (tricking her into thing she's pregnant), it will affect her choice in a partner. It's not just scents, it's also how women perceive men. As you stated previously, women who were on the pill sought after more feminine men, not just in mannerisms but also appearance. Men that don't posses the universal masculine characteristics( a face shaped via testosterone), lower brow (giving the appearance of smaller eyes), wider jaw, defined chin, smaller lips, larger noses, and less subcutaneous fat, in favor of the opposition. It's theorized that while looking for a mate, women will choose men with more masculine qualities, but when seeking a partner or someone to help raise a child, a more "trusting", less masculine, beta male is sought after.

This is a great series, . It doesn't speak directly about your question of birth control, but it can shed some light and build bridges which may aid you in coming to a conclusion.

what would happen if wwe wrestling shows happened every single day of the week?

what would happen if wwe wrestling shows happened every single day of the week?

During The 1980's thanks to synbdication and Cable, I had Professional Wrestlng 7 Days a week. Mid-South Wrestling/The Universal Wrestling Federation, World Class Championship Wrestling, Memphis Wrestling, The World Wrestling Federaion, The American Wrestling Association, Jim Crockett Promotions--NAtional Wrestling Alliance, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, Powerful Women of Wrestling and This Week in Pro Wrestling. It was great. I miss those days.

I wouldn't want WWE 7 Days a week. I would want Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre, New Japan Pro Wrestling, World Wrestling Council, Ring of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, New Japan Pro Wrestling, Asistencia Asesoría y Administración, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Dragon Gate, Shimmer Women's Wrestling, WWE and TNA for starters.

What can be done to help bring Women’s Rights to the?

What can be done to help bring Women's Rights to the?

In the U.S. during the Civil Rights movement, what finally worked to end wholesale racial discrimination in individual states and sleazy backwater counties was the federal government sending in U.S. Marshals and National Guard to set the bigots straight that this is the United States of America and NOT a collection of feudal kingdoms ruled by tyrants and wanna-be demi-gods who fail to grasp the big picture of a democracy. Since then the world and economy went global. Every economy in the world is now interconnected, complexly entwined and dependent on the rest of the world. It's time for human rights protection to go global. We need to set the bigots straight that this is an international community with equal rights for all humans and NOT a collection of feudal despots, tyrants and wanna-be demi-gods.

In the United States, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights is in effect in every state of the union. The world has agreed upon a similar declaration of universal human rights . . . all of the world, that is, except for a handful of the most backward neolithic tribal cultures that, for "spiritual" reasons, refuse to acknowledge that women are humans and have rights. International support and intervention is required to enforce the U.N.'s Declaration of Universal Human Rights. If nations expect to participate in the global economy, they should be expected to abide by the world's agreed upon Declaration of Human Rights.

I believe governments that do not comply with this most fundamental declaration of human rights should be nullified and international forces sent in to protect the people, just as we would for people within our own borders. Human dignity, worth and rights are the same for ALL humans everywhere. What varies is the degree of violation against those basic dignities and rights. Those little border lines drawn on the globe aren't really there. Humans are humans everywhere. How can we allow, say, people in Colorado to have the right to education and the people in Vermont NOT have the right to education? How can people turn away from the value of people's lives just because of borders? And when we "tolerate" human rights violations that are founded in "culture", that's not whatsoever about respecting the GOODNESS and honor of human possibility that can arise from human culture but about paying respect to the DISEASE and dishonor of human possibility that can arise from culture. When we ignore human rights violations, we are "respecting" oppression. That's wrong.

Since Bush became President, human rights here and abroad have significantly deteriorated. John Shattuck, author of "Freedom of Fire: Human Rights Wars and Americas Response", describes well the international human rights violations, set-backs and crimes being committed by Bush and his "administration". Prior to the Bush circus, human rights wars had begun to enter a promising new era of enlightenment with interventions like Bosnia and Haiti and welcomed changes in international peacekeeping clout laws, following the Somalia-Viet Nam "syndrome" of failure and confusion within the human rights world political arena.

The world stood by and let 800,000 people be slaughtered in Rwanda over just 14 weeks, an apathy in the U.S. mostly due to right-wingers whining that the U.S. was not the police force of the world and whining that the cost would be too much on taxpayers. As is the result of most conservative / Republican self-serving strategies, that fiasco has cost U.S. taxpayers over one billion dollars in peacekeeping mop-up since 1994, money that even a small fraction of which had been used to support the international peacekeeping forces in first place, as was requested, would have certainly prevented the genocide and collapse of that national economy following the violence, not to speak of the utter craven lack of humanity in the act of allowing 800,000 people to be slaughtered . . . just to save a buck.

But, afterall, the Republican party IS the party of "wholesome family values". During the Bush / Gore debates, Bush turned around and winked into the camera and said, "I promise you, there will be NO nation building when I am President". Aside from the moral bankruptcy involved in a U.S. foreign policy with no U.S. human rights wars involvement (unless a nation has oil to plunder, of course), there is clear pragmatic evidence that it costs MORE to allow massive human rights violations in the long run, that massive human rights violations cause failed nations and failed national economies that must then be externally supported at greater cost after the violations than through international prevention interventions, and that in our interconnected global economy every national economic collapse endangers ALL of us. In a study I saw about "respecting" cultures that violate women's rights, when women in those "cultures" are asked if they could move to the U.S., the land of the free and enjoy our U,S, Constitution and rights, would they? Almost all people, not just women, always say YES!!!!!!!!! ALL people want out from under tyranny.

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