Undergraduate Research Week on April, 2024: Undergraduate Research?

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Undergraduate Research?

Sophomore research would be a REALLY good idea if you can manage it. As much research as you can balance with your school work would be ideal. They especially like to see you doing "volunteer" internships (like working in someone's lab for free); it shows you are serious about your field and not looking just to get paid for it.

Research is REALLY IMPORTANT. When I went for my interviews, first they talked about grades. Then, for the next 25 minutes of the interview, we took turns talking about my research and the interviewer's research--so it is a very big thing for the sciences. Research will ensure that you didn't just take the coursework and have some vague interest in it. It shows you were dedicated to your field and genuinely have an interest in what engineers actually do. I worked in my lab about 10 hours a week for almost a year, which is pretty much the minimal to be useful (at least in my field).

Senior year research and grades are less important. Well, second semester grades are less important; FIRST semester grades are extremely important. By the time you interview at the school, they WILL have those grades. For research, they might ask you what you plan to be doing your senior year, but that's about all. Unless you plan to complete a senior thesis, it's not such a big deal. Good luck!

undergraduate research in the sciences?

undergraduate research in the sciences?

I didn't ever do research, but from what I can tell, it's fairly time-consuming. I gather developing the question takes about 10 hours; doing the research takes about 60-70 hours; and writing up the results takes 10-20 hours.

It can be done anywhere, but you may need to use part of your lunch hour for it, if you don't want to take work home with you.

Undergraduate Lab Assistant (Research Assistant)?

Undergraduate Lab Assistant (Research Assistant)?

1. Ask professors. If your school has an undergraduate research office, go there. Actually getting the position is usually somewhat informal, especially if you're doing it on a volunteer basis.

2. Yes. It's only 3 weeks and the university will probably be closed for at least one of them. Plan on spending at least a summer or do it part time during the semester.

3. Most undergrads don't have much experience. But you should try to come up with something so you know which professors to talk to. Look at their research interests on their online bio pages.

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