International Whistlers Week on April, 2025: How do I find a place to stay in Whistler-everything is booked?

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How do I find a place to stay in Whistler-everything is booked???

RCI, (Resort Condominium International) has many locations in Whistler. I stayed in one for a week last summer. Although I am a member of RCI, I know that they sell excess inventory to the public.

Here's some places you can try.

I hope this information is helpful.


Should I move to Banff of Whistler?

Should I move to Banff of Whistler?

Both places are beautiful and great places to spend a year. I grew up on the west coast and skied Whistler Blackcomb a lot they are awesome ski resorts. I now live in the Rockies and ski all the local mountains and they are great for skiing as well. The difference in the Rockies here week days are great as the hills are less crowded then Whistler Blackcomb.

Both areas have lots of young people from all over the world so you will meet lots of people not a problem there. Lots of night life in both places.

Both areas are expensive but the advantage in Banff is its in Alberta so some of your basic cost of living will be cheaper then in British Columbia.

I found that when I first moved to Banff I took some community night courses also some at the Banff Centre of the Arts. A roommate I had back then was a part of the community volleyball and I use to curl. So there is lots of things outside of work and party life. Some people get into the arts like painting or photography or outdoor activities such as hiking, mountain biking, fishing and many other things. Now you probably can do most all of this in Whistler as well.

My personal opinion is that Banff and the surrounding area is more conducive to a one year stay over Whistler. But I worked down at Whistler during the Olympics and Paralympics and the people from the area do enjoy living there.

Ask yourself if you want a drier climate or wetter climate. Banff has dry cold winters and Whistler has wetter winters.

When people come to the Canadian Rockies hot springs and spas are two activities that are always high on the list. Added bonus: You can enjoy hot springs any time of year - especially after a long hard day of hiking or skiing!

Banff 90 minutes from Calgary

Banff 20 minutes from Canmore

Banff 45 minutes from Lake Louise

Whistler 1 hour from Squamish

Whistler 2 hours from Vancouver

Whistler 2 1/2 hours from Vancouver International Airport

Which ever choice you make they are both great places to be. Neither is the wrong choice. As one of the other replies suggested visit both first for a week or so. You could hostel at both towns for a less expensive visit!

Good Luck and all the best to you!

Romantic things to do in Vancouver, Canada on a budget?

Romantic things to do in Vancouver, Canada on a budget?

You can visit the Stanley par, or the take tour at the Granville Island, and in case you need to refresh your mind then visit Museum of Anthropology and study human science or origin humanities, of course not romantic but important to refresh one's mind.....

Reservations I would suggest Opus Hotel see { }

Highly romantic but not expensive. In fact, its a modern boutique hotel set in stylish golden town, steps from the inner harbor, entertainment districts and stores... what I liked about the hotel is the inner rooms which featured vibrant colors unique decors and over sized exterior windows

I notice one thing about the dinning, and its not the french cuisine, or the popular brasserie but the service was just splendid. I must say really enjoyed the Bar's cocktail that mostly is served it with international tapas.


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