"Weed Out Hate Day 2024 is on Wednesday, April 3, 2024: ugghh. please read. i smoked weed and now i regret it?

Wednesday, April 3, 2024 is "Weed Out Hate Day 2024. WEED OUT HATE State of Iowa Weed Out Hate

ugghh. please read. i smoked weed and now i regret it?

the thing about weed is that everyone seems to have such a great fucking time on it, those of us who don't like it wonder what's wrong with us. I used to be JUST like you. I hated the dumb stupid way i felt when i was high. I'm and adventurous person and I hated being with a bunch of kids who would sit around and get stoned and watch tv and just eat. and it just drained all my energy and made me lazy and i just didn't like it. but at the same time i loved that feeling you get like RIGHT after you smoke before you're too blazed but you just feel giddy and a little hyped up. but the overall experience wasn't something i liked, except i thought there was something wrong with me for that. so i made the mistake to keep smoking just because every time i would be like "oh maybe it'll be different this time" and eventually i found someone who i didn't mind smoking with because she would go out and do sh!t with me rather then just stupidly watch tv or whatever. anyway my point is now i regret it. i should have realized that weed wasent for me and stopped before i got hooked on it. and although people say weed isnt addicting, they're only half right. it's not physically addicting but the high is mentally addicting. so i didn't listen to my body and now i smoke weed a lot just because it's something to do, and it really has somewhat drained me as a person. i'm a lot less energetic and more "chill" which some people think is good but i like being the hyper loud kid. so idk it just depends on what you're looking for when you get high. but you sound like you're like me, so weed probably just isn't for you. it's not about listening to your 'body' or anything, it's really about listening to your personality. weed changes your personality and if you don't like what it's changing yours to then just don't smoke again. because if you continue to do it you will eventually like it i swear, and that's not always a good thing.

and yeah, the feeling will go away. i promise. i always feel drained out after i smoke and i feel like that until i go out and have some real fun with my friends and do things i actually like doing. so just go out with some friends and you'll feel better :)

oh and, regardless of what people say. weed is a fucking depressant just as much as alcohol is. that sh!t messes up with your emotions. so if you dont like weed take that as a sign and stay away.

Drinking or smoking weed?

Drinking or smoking weed?

Weed is way less harmful, and dangerous. 0 deaths from weed.. how many from drinking? I've smoked all day every day for many years and I am on the deans list at my college... its no CC either.. I actually stopped cold turkey for a year (probation) and noticed no negative effects, not the next day, not any day, people who hate on it are ignorant and just wanna hate stuff they know nothing about, why? Who knows.. lol

What’s smoking weed like?

What's smoking weed like?

Weed is fine. The consequences of weed are WAYYYY out of proportion with the actual physical effects of weed. A lot of this goes back to the cotton industry and their influence over the government to outlaw hemp, and along with it weed (hemp and marijuana are essentially the same, but marijuana has actual THC in it, the active part of marijuana that produces effects in the body/mind). To this day, people still associate weed with all sorts of crazy shit that makes *absolutely* no sense.

Why marijuana is a Schedule I drug according the federal government is beyond me, and just about everyone out there who cares about marijuana laws. There is absolutely no reason for marijuana to be considered as dangerous as crystal meth or heroine or cocaine. It's total BS.

No one has ever died from marijuana overdose. The only thing weed does is make you hungry, happy, and sleepy. That's it. That's all weed does. It makes you think about things in a different way. It sharpens certain thoughts, and dulls others. It's not going to make you a genius, but it's not going to make you an idiot unless you abuse it and smoke every day and become a dumb ass stoner.

I'm 26. I started smoking when I was 21. I use it very occasionally to help me sleep, and don't smoke with friends as often. Sometimes I'll use it on other occasions, like if my gf is not home and I'm by myself and I just want to chill and watch a movie and relax. Sometimes I'll use my Magic Flight Launch Box (a cheap $100 vaporizer) on camping trips and stuff. It's awesome. Sometimes I'll use it before I go surfing. It makes me feel like a little kid! It helps remove fear before I go surfing. It helps me just totally de-stress and enjoy what I'm doing. Yes, weed can slow you down, but sometimes I think it's good to slow down and relax and smell the roses as well, it's all about perspective and what you're trying to accomplish.

The famous comedian George Carlin smoked weed very occasionally to help him fine-tune his comedy, and turn it up a notch. He did not do it regularly. He used it in moderation. That's how I like to think about it. It's something to enjoy once in a while. NOTHING in life is worth doing every single minute of every day unless you want to quickly start hating it. Same with relationships. Variety is key to happiness, I think.

Weed calms you down. It makes you not care about certain things, but at the same time makes you a little paranoid. It's best to be in a chill environment, with plenty of water and tasty food and something chill to do, like listen to music or watch a movie. It's not all that fun being around non-high people, such as your parents or family, who are just going to be negative and suspicious.

Try to give yourself a few hours after you smoke before you go home, if possible. For example, if you smoke the night before and stay at a friend's house, or go camping, or some other innocuous occasion that is least likely to get you into trouble, then I think you're set.

Also, as far as weed staying in your blood stream goes, as long as you don't smoke very often, it will leave your blood stream faster. If you smoke every day, it will stay in your blood stream longer.

Try not to actually smoke it, if possible. Vaporizing and edibles are better for you (always be sure to 'cook' the weed before turning it into foods, just to be sure to kill any bacteria or heat-sensitive viruses that could be lurking in the pot, you never know..). But smoking pot occasionally isn't as bad as cigs, especially if you smoke from a bong or bubbler. Joints aren't too great for your lungs. Burning anything and smoking it isn't good for you. All that paper is pretty nasty.

Have fun. Don't try it once. Do it a bunch of times over a span of several weeks, months, years. Try it at different points in your life, and while you're doing different things, and learn from it all and enjoy.

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