World Maritime Day 2024 is on Sunday, September 29, 2024: anymore days like today?

Sunday, September 29, 2024 is World Maritime Day 2024. IMO World Maritime Day 2013 will

anymore days like today?

Different countries have different "days" so it all depends on where you are . Some international days coming up are.

Sept 24 World Maritime Day

Oct 4 World Animal Day

Oct 24 United Nations Day

Dec 10 Human Rights Day

Not very exciting any of them , but if you look at a calendar it should tell you the national days in your country

Trip around the world?

Trip around the world?

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Of course, your first trip doesn't have to be all the way around the world!

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why do we celibrate columbus day when we know the vikings were here first?

why do we celibrate columbus day when we know the vikings were here first?

Italian-Americans observe Columbus Day as a celebration of Italian-American heritage. Columbus Day was first celebrated by Italians in San Francisco in 1869, following on the heels of 1866 Italian celebrations in New York City. ......As we can see, it is highly political to oppose it in certain places.

Some people oppose Columbus Day, claiming his achievements are not worthy of a holiday. The modern-day legend of Christopher Columbus and the discovery of America is due to Washington Irving. His "biography" of Columbus, a dramatic and embellished account, was so popular it became accepted as fact in the English speaking countries. However, in the Spanish speaking countries Columbus' crossing of the Atlantic is widely accepted as the first contact between the two civilizations (European and native American) and additionally proved that the maritime technology was there to do it frequently. Historically, Columbus was not the first to discover America, nor was he the first European to land in America, though he was the first European to successfully bring European culture to the Americas. There is also controversy surrounding the treatment of the native people of the Americas by Columbus and by Spanish conquistadors.

In recent years, the holiday has been rejected by some people who view it as a celebration of conquest and genocide by the Spaniards. In its place, Indigenous Peoples Day is sometimes celebrated. In the U.S. Virgin Islands, "Puerto Rico-Virgin Islands Friendship Day" is celebrated on the same day as Columbus Day, due to the controversy surrounding the atrocities committed against the indigenous peoples of the present-day Caribbean during the Spanish colonization of the New World. In the state of South Dakota, the day is officially a state holiday known as "Native American Day", not Columbus Day.

Some have argued that the responsibility of contemporary governments and their citizens for allegedly ongoing acts of genocide against Native Americans are masked by positive Columbus myths and celebrations. These critics argue that a particular understanding of the legacy of Columbus has been used to legitimize their actions, and it is this misuse of history that must be exposed. Thus, Ward Churchill (an associate professor of Native American Studies at the University of Colorado at Boulder, and a leader of the American Indian Movement), has argued that certain myths about Columbus, and celebrations of Columbus, make it easier for people today to avoid taking responsibility for their own actions, or the actions of their governments.

I took this text from Wiki because It sums up some things. We really need to reconsider making a hero out of a man who help lead to the extinction of the Taino Indians...promote rape, killing , torture and slavery all in the name of being the conquerer and having a name to live on. Some same men leading our country to war now have the death/blood of thousands on their hands.

Holidays also on this date Sunday, September 29, 2024...
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