AFL-CIO Day 2019 is on Thursday, December 5, 2019: CIO Day - What are some modern-day guilds or labor unions?

Thursday, December 5, 2019 is AFL-CIO Day 2019. Worker As we observe this day we

What are some modern-day guilds or labor unions?

The AFL/CIO and its many member unions are the most prominent labor unions in the modern U.S.

Also, the Teamsters union (which is now a branch of the AFL/CIO).

The AFL is the most like a medieval guild, since it originally organized skilled tradespeople, while the CIO and Teamsters organized common laborers, but this distinction faded once the AFL and the CIO merged, and later merged with the Teamsters.

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AFL-CIO unions want legalization of 7 million illegal aliens?

AFL-CIO unions want legalization of 7 million illegal aliens?

Oh, in these tough times would you deny the union more due paying members?

President Barack Obama is determined to succeed where G.W. Bush failed. According to many published reports, he fully intends to grant amnesty to tens of millions of illegal aliens. In fact, granting amnesty to illegal aliens is on Obama's short list of priorities. That short list includes the nationalization of America's financial systems, the nationalization of America's healthcare and energy systems, expanding the wars in the Middle East, strengthening and increasing global agreements and associations, gun control (perhaps using international treaties where congressional legislation has failed), and amnesty to illegal aliens.

Watch for Obama to make a full-court press for an amnesty proposal next month. He has already appointed working groups to study strategies. Administration sources have said Obama wants amnesty legislation on his desk by this fall at the latest.

According to research by Frosty Wooldridge, over $2 billion is spent on food assistance programs such as food stamps, WIC, and free school lunches for illegal aliens every year; $2.5 billion is spent on Medicaid for illegal aliens every year; $12 billion is spent on primary and secondary school education every year for children here illegally (and most cannot speak a word of English); $17 billion a year is spent on education for so-called "anchor babies"; and $90 billion a year is spent on illegal aliens for welfare and social services. Add all of the various costs to U.S. taxpayers for illegal aliens and the total is a whopping $338 billion each year.

Over $4 million a DAY is spent to incarcerate illegal aliens; 29% of all prison inmates are illegal aliens; 13 Americans are killed EVERY DAY by drunk-driving illegal aliens; Latino gangs, such as MS-13 and the 18th Street Gang, are now found in at least 37 states; and in New Mexico, nearly half of jail and prison inmates are illegal aliens.

Additionally, recently released FBI statistics showing that 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles during the First Quarter of 2006 were for illegal aliens. 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix were for illegal aliens. In Albuquerque the percentage was 86%. The Most Wanted lists in those three cities found that 75% were illegal aliens. In the southern Border States, illegal aliens perpetrated 53% of all investigated burglaries. Plus, 71% of all apprehended stolen cars in Border States were stolen by illegal aliens.

Furthermore, according to Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), illegal aliens murder 12 American citizens EVERY DAY. Put that murder statistic in perspective: illegal aliens murder more Americans EVERY YEAR than the total number of U.S. soldiers that have been killed in Iraq in over 5 years of fighting.

See Congressman Steve King's report at

Did the UAW and AFL/CIO throw their members under the bus?

Did the UAW and AFL/CIO throw their members under the bus?


Long ago, before the Japan invasion, the Auto Industry said to the UAW; "just tell us how much you want to get paid. We'll pay you and we'll just pass it along to the customers but, you have to come to work"

The UAW said no. They accepted a lower wage as long as there was pay for 'time not worked'. They didn't negotiate pay. They negotiated vacation time, retraining hours, sick days, personal days, family leave time, severance pay, holidays, union meetings on the clock and production wage. Production wages protected the workers when the government forced line re-tooling because of un-funded mandates for safety and envirnonmental. While no car was being produced the workers were paid as if they were. If a model was not selling, the manufacturer couldn't discontinue making it because they still had to pay the workers as if they were still building it. That's why American motors failed. They couldn't change their business model.

Why did the UAW do this? Because it forced the companies to hire more workers at a lower rate. It didn't matter what the rate was because regardless of pay grade, they all paid the same dues. More dues payers, more revenue for UAW fat cats.

It's a RICO crime and they should be prosectued.

In your face extortion.

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