Salesperson Day 2019 is on Thursday, December 5, 2019: This woman ruined my day?!?

Thursday, December 5, 2019 is Salesperson Day 2019. Wristband for Special Event: National salesperson Day Party ... National salesperson Day

Salesperson Day

Created in March 2000, Salesperson Day Day is devoted to honoring the sales rep – in the clerk in the grocery counter towards the used vehicle dealer – and identifying the key work they are doing.

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This woman ruined my day?!?

No, a salesperson shouldn't talk to a customer that. What I would do is ask for her name and the name of her supervisor. I would also ask for her supervisor's email address and tell her supervisor exactly what transpired. I would also tell the supervisor that her comment offended me, and say that you now feel uncomfortable shopping in their store with treatment like that. The supervisor will reply with an apologetic response, and will also talk to that employee. I once reported a grocery store cashier for making me feel uncomfortable (he made inappropriate comments that had sexual connotations). They let that cashier go. Not only was the salesperson who dealt with you inappropriate, she was very insensitive and unkind. I hope you didn't buy the jeans from her. Congratualtions on losing weight!

Am I imagining it or are there fewer double glazing salespersons around these days?

Am I imagining it or are there fewer double glazing salespersons around these days?

The Direct TV salesperson at Sam's Club was quite pushy telling me she could save me enough money on a Direct TV subscription vs. my cable provider that it would pay for a new TV. She never mentioned the frequent wind, thunder and ice storms in Oklahoma that can cause a satellite dish to be frozen up and not work for quite a spell at a time. I like to have the tv going when there's a thunder or wind storm. I didn't fall for her spiel but let her talk.

As a customer, have you ever taken your bad day out on a salesperson?

As a customer, have you ever taken your bad day out on a salesperson?

I wouldn't exactly say that I attacked them. I would just rant about what a bad day I was having. Then when I was ready to leave I would apologize to them. I felt bad. Plus I had been a cashier for 8 years. People are extremely rude. I wouldn't do half of what people did to me. I always said that people should have to be a cashier for at least 6 months while they are still in school or something. It's so wrong what they do to cashiers. They treat them like low life. Hell. If it wasn't for the cashier, who would check them out? They don't think about the little things. It takes all kinds. Mostly it was women.

Only one time did I wig out on a cashier. But the kid was at a grocery store. You know. With my food in hand? Well he was laying all over the conveyer belt and hanging onto the side of it like he was drunk or something. He didn't bag the groceries and when I told him to he snapped his tongue at me and just started throwing my stuff in the bag like he didn't give a hoot. I went to courtesy and told them that he is a lazy no good who doesn't give a hoot about anything or anybody. I told them that I wanted my groceries repacked and that I wanted anything replaced that got ruined. My bread was at the bottom of the bag with cans on top. I know he got his ass in trouble. But there was absolutely no reason for it. I overheard someone say something about he had wanted the day off and they wouldn't give it to him. Probably a party or something. But other than that I try to be very nice to cashiers. They get the brunt of everything. And yes. I do feel sorry and I do apologize.

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