Beltaine Day 2020 is on Friday, May 1, 2020: summary of may day eve?

Friday, May 1, 2020 is Beltaine Day 2020. Beltane - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Beltane Bonfire on Calton Hill

summary of may day eve?

Beltaine, Celtic holiday, beginning of summer. Fire festival, and adopted by Wiccans and Pagans. Also, it's all about sex and fertility.

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Why did people celebrate May day?

Why did people celebrate May day?

May Day is the common name for the Pagan holiday called Beltaine. It is a celebration of fertility and the welcoming of summer. The dancing around the Maypole is actually symbolic of sex. Many Pagans will also have ritual sex to re-enact the union of Goddess and God on this day.

What is may day a celebration of?

What is may day a celebration of?

May Day is a celebration of fertility, of the bounty of the earth. This is a time when the crops have already been planted, they have come up and (hopefully) are growing well, but before the harvest (that's another holiday).

May Day was a festival during which young men and women from all over met and chose mates, sometimes for life, sometimes for just a night. Children born of a Beltaine (May Day) liason were considered to be especially blessed, and were made much of. When Christianity started taking hold, these children were often given to the church for nuns and monks.

A way of explaining May Day to your child would be to plant grass seeds in a paper cup on the first day of Spring (March 20 this year), then measure how high it is on May 1. Then "harvest" or cut the grass on June 21, first day of summer. Hope this is helpful. May Day is a little harder to explain than something like Mother's Day.

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