Bike To Work Day 2020 is on Saturday, May 16, 2020: Day 6 bikes?


Saturday, May 16, 2020 is Bike To Work Day 2020. 2014 Cycling Events - 11 Route Options. Fully supported‎ Save $100 - register by April 1.

Bike to Work Day is a

Bike to Work Day is an annual event held on various days in the Spring across the United States and Canada that promotes the bicycle as an option for commuting to work.

Bike To Work Day

Bike To Operate Day aims to encourage individuals to use their bike to get at work, which saves energy, safeguards the atmosphere, will help you to exercise.

Day 6 bikes?

Sounds like Duh knows what he is talking about. I have never ridden a Day 6 bike, myself, but they look like reasonable machines. (I've got to confess my tastes run toward Italian racing bikes, so these don't do anything for me. But, the world has enough ways for us all to have our own.)

My strongest suggestion would be to take a really long test ride on the Day 6 bikes and some other semi or even full recumbent bikes. Bent bike take a bit to get used to and you'd hate to be stuck with a bike that isn't comfy and/or doesn't make you happy. By a long test ride, I mean an hour or more. If you just tool around the dealer's parking lot for 10 minutes, you won't have an idea of how good or bad it feels. (Been there, done that!)

Also, don't expect a bent or semi-bent to improve your strength/speed on a hybrid or other traditional upright bike. You'll find they require different muscles.

Hope this helps.

Should i bike every day, or every other day?

Should i bike every day, or every other day?

Every day,

I ride 6 days a week and i know alot of other people that do also, doing around 600km a week for approx 20hrs.

Even friends that race BMX which is a power / sprinting sport train 6 days a week for around 20hrs a week although this includes alot of gym work not just on the bike.

Your body will tell you if your too tired and you need to take a few extra days off. If your doing other work-outs you may not want to ride every day. But at 4-5miles you could easily manage this every day.

When training alot you need to train in blocks. Such as if you do 4 20hour weeks you should take a week of low intensity / shorter hours to recover and rest and then do another block of 4 20hr weeks and then another recovery week to make sure you don't over-train too much and get fatigued and run down.

Questions about biking 42km every day?

Questions about biking 42km every day?

Two flat 21km rides per day on a proper geared road bike shouldn't be too hard. If you haven't been riding at all or have a new bike you'll want to do some shorter rides first. Maybe three weeks of short rides to work out bike fit and build a base of saddle tolerance.

Unlike running it is possible to cruise on a bike and spend little time at high heart rates. If you loaf on the bike you could run the same day, but if you hammer for 42km skip the run.

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