Endangered Species Day 2020 is on Saturday, May 16, 2020: endangered species .?


Saturday, May 16, 2020 is Endangered Species Day 2020. IFAW - Official Site - Help Endangered Animals Make a Gift for Animals

Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day highlights the plight of numerous at-risk and significantly endangered types of wildlife, and highlights ways that we are able to alter our behavior in small ways every day to be able to assistance to safeguard and save these animals.

endangered species .......?

We are all endanger species if the atom bomb will not do it or the virus or the asteroid etc. Every day,year many creature dies but yet we don't look at it as a endangered species.

Ask your self why people cry when they die just like Einstein because he can be the last clever scientist in that time.

Is Bamboo an endangered species?

Is Bamboo an endangered species?

Bamboo is not endangered and is used for a huge range of things. It can be easily grown and some species can in fact grow at a rate of 4 inches per day, one of the fastest growing plants on the plant.

You can build with it like timber, make furniture from it, even bicycle frames are made from it.Entire houses can be constructed using just bamboo.

Scaffolding for working on buildings can be made from bamboo and is a common sight in the far east.

Cut groves in it and it can be opened up and used as matting, panelling for walls, screens etc.

It's also relatively cheap. Hollowed out bamboo has also been used as water pipes. It is very strong, flexible and resistant to rot

It can also be eaten, varieties are used in Chinese and eastern cooking.

Musical instruments can be made out of it, both percussion and wind.

In China it is used medicinally for treating infections

The fibres of bamboo can be used to make textiles, although this is a complex process as the fibres are short, it can also be made into paper

It makes good quality fishing rods too.

There are many different types of bamboo from miniature species to the giant varieties, it grows very quickly and is a renewable resource.

how many species become endangered every day ?

how many species become endangered every day ?

16 species become extinct each day.

That is 21,894 a year.

Go onto this site, it will give you the numbers for a day or a week, or a month for all sorts of things from population growth to numbers of computers produced.

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