Guinness World Record Day 2018 is on Thursday, November 15, 2018: is there a record?

Thursday, November 15, 2018 is Guinness World Record Day 2018. Guinness World Records Day 2012 - Live Blog Guinness World Records Day

Guinness World Record Day

Record breaking attempts which are especially visual could be selected for filming with this years Guinness World Record Day newsreel and proven world-wide.Photos of attempts may also be sent in to the Guinness World Record and might be employed for publicity online or perhaps incorporated in next years book.Both in 2009 and 2010, greater than 300,000 people required part in trying to interrupt greater than 50 different records.

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is there a record....?

The Guinness World record was for 11½ days, or 276 hours, and was set by Toimi Soini in Hamina, Finland, between February 5 to 15, 1964." However, Soini's record was removed from the Guinness Book of Records in 1989. "It was deleted on the grounds that it could encourage records harmful to health and was unverifiable because of the claims of insomnia sufferers."

The longest recorded period for which a person has voluntarily gone without sleep is 449 hr (14 days 13 hours) by Mrs. Maureen Weston of Peterborough, Cambridgeshire in a rocking chair marathon on 14 Apr.-2 May 1977. Though she tended to hallucinate toward the end of this surely ill-advised test, she surprisingly suffered no lasting ill effects

The overall problem with determining the record for the longest a person has stayed awake is that people take "microsleeps" without being aware of it. To really determine if a person has been constantly awake you'd need to record their brainwaves throughout the experiment.

what is the world record for beer drunk in a day?

what is the world record for beer drunk in a day?

World records for speed beer drinking

Steven Petrosino, during his successful June 1977 Guinness World record attempt at the Gingerbreadman Pub in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He established records for ¼ liter (0.137 seconds), and for ½ liter (0.4 seconds), but Guinness accepted only the record for 1 liter.The Guinness Book of Records began to list world records for speed drinking in this category in the early 1960s. These early drinking records involved drinking beer from challenging vessels such as the yard of ale glass, which, if not correctly mastered, resulted in the user receiving a blast of beer in his or her face. The 1969 edition of the Guinness Book lists Lawrence Hill (age 22) of Bolton Lancashire England as having consumed a 2.5 pint yard of ale in 6.5 seconds on December 17, 1964. The 1974 edition lists Jack Boyle, age 52, of Barrow-in-Furness England as having consumed a 3 pint yard of ale in 10.15 seconds on May 14, 1971. In the mid 1970s, Guinness began to list speed records achieved using any drinking vessel. The 1977 edition dropped the earlier records established by Hill and Boyle and listed a 2.5 pint yard record by "R.A.F. Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire" in 5.0 seconds and a 3 pint yard record established at "Corby Town, S.C., Northamptonshire on January 23, 1976 in 5.5 seconds". The 1977 edition listed the new world record established at the Gingerbreadman Pub by Steven Petrosino (age 25) of New Cumberland Pennsylvania on June 22, 1977. Petrosino drank 1 liter of beer in 1.3 seconds. Video: ¼ liter in 0.18 seconds. Petrosino approached the challenge scientifically and used 2 specially designed half-liter drinking vessels to establish this world beer record. The 1977 edition also lists Peter G. Dowdeswell of Earls Barton, Northampton England for drinking 2 pints (one liter) of beer from a single vessel in 2.3 seconds on June 11, 1975 and 2 liters in 6.0 seconds on 7 February 1975. These records were all dropped from the Guinness book in 1991 due to concerns about litigation.

Most Books Read? Guinness World Record?

Most Books Read? Guinness World Record?

The record is 534 books in one year!

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