National Day of Play 2018 is on Thursday, November 15, 2018: Noggin's National Day of Play?

Thursday, November 15, 2018 is National Day of Play 2018. National Day of Play Twitter Party with Playmobil National Day of Play!

Noggin’s National Day of Play?

I hear you, Kaitlyn is being fussy today so I was going to turn on noggin so she could watch while she sat in her swing... but it was not on.. It is a crummy rainy day today so I bet a lot of parents are loosing their minds today!

luckily I have a few miss. spiders sunny patches on the dvr!

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What is National Play God Day?

What is National Play God Day?

I have never heard of this?

So, I will be curious to see what answers you get.

Playing God doesn't sound like a very smart idea to me though.

ADDED: This must be a day where you do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

You are not selfish, sarcastic, critical, or overbearing.

You just GIVE, GIVE, GIVE!

what is Taiwan national day?

what is Taiwan national day?

October 10 is the national day of the Republic of China, that is to say, Taiwan. Usually there are parades in front of the President Hall, and Boy Scouts and Girl Guides from schools would come and support it. The parades are usually interesting and neat. In the evening fireworks are played (it used to be in Taipei City only, but now it is also played in other parts of Taiwan). The news would broadcast both events. I've heard in the past, every family had to hang our national flag at their doors that day!

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