Library Workers Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020: is the public library open?

Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is Library Workers Day 2020. National Library Workers Day: Libraries work because we do! National Library Workers Day:

Library Workers Day

Check your local library is no more only a place to look at a magazine or leaf via a magazine. Nowadays, you may also surf the net, rent a DVD, or perhaps attend a residential area class. It can be the devoted library employees to help keep everything running easily for that enquiring public. So, why don't you express gratitude to check your local library staff on Library Workers Day for his or her useful service?For without these champions from the Dewey Decimal System, whom have mastered the skill of saying “shhh” and try to know precisely how to locate the product you'll need, the planet will be a much less knowledgeable place. The childhood coming of age of having your personal library card is created an enduring positive memory because of a (hopefully!) smiling library worker. They work silently, effectively and without fanfare – so, proceed, visit check your local library and express gratitude for them on Library Workers Day!

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is the public library open?

In general, no.

Most libraries I know of are closed, at the very least, on Christmas Eve, Day and New years Eve and Day. The days between? Probably open. We're not auto workers and get 3 week vacations, ya know.

Labor day...................?

Labor day...................?

Just call the Library, and find out. I used to live in Banning, Calif. I'm in Texas now, and ours will probably be closed. like most city workers.

library questions???????

library questions???????

You will learn a lot about the day-to-day processes of keeping a library running. This includes checking books in, shelving books, retrieving books that have been placed on hold to send to another library; straightening up the shelves (get used to it), directing patrons to the correct section of interest, straightening up the shelves, assisting patrons with checkout and/or account information, and there are other tasks depending on what interests you have and you have volunteered to do.

You will learn organization skills, as well as working with the public and co-workers. You will no doubt at some point be working with computer programs. You will learn stocking and shipping prep. You will learn to accurately direct clients to a satisfactory product (in the real world this translates as "making a sale"). You will learn how important it is to have volunteer/community service on your resume nowadays, when you go to apply for a paying job.

Usually, the only way to get a job at the library is to have put in volunteer service at the library. Pages and assistants are generally comparatively poorly compensated, from what I've seen of the job listings, but it beats book-store wages, which I discovered to be even less than that offered by the Golden Arches.

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