That Sucks Day 2020 is on Wednesday, April 15, 2020: Why does everything suck these days?


Wednesday, April 15, 2020 is That Sucks Day 2020. Gifts From Gail: THAT SUCKS It's NATIONAL THAT SUCKS DAY,

That Sucks Day

In the past, lots of bad unexpected things happen on That Sucks Day, most famously being that it is tax payday (this is your day the Titanic sank and Abraham Lincoln subsequently died).

Why does everything suck these days?

Jersey Shore -and- Kardashian's, examples of pure white trash... Sucks Biiiig Time!

Too many things suck lately, you're absolutely right, and to me it's because our morals and education have gone to the toilet big time.

Everything started with Bush Sr. and ended with Bush Jr. The middle class was not such anymore, and the lowest class was 'almost eliminated' at all cause.

Then, they cut off educational services, fighting teachers, and not much was accomplished in schools, other than gangs, crimes and even students killing and raping their teachers as it happned so many times!

Money was gone from everywhere, and then TV, movies, and everything else around us showed us the bad side of this country, the misery and devastation we're still going through...



That sucks! It's the same in my school so most of the kids basically come to school really early so they can have the classroom for themselves.


My day was okay. I'm just tired from writing my French exam for 4 hours.

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Why does music suck now-days?

Why does music suck now-days?

first of all,cobai had depression,im sure you dont know what that is can have everything going for you and it seems great from the outside,but it prob wasnt for him

but to the real question,it doesnt suck!you just dont need to get caught up in the mainstream stuff,The Strokes have a new album coming out,they revived old skool rock and just defie rock in my opinion,you have Kasabian,an incredibly big english band(if you havnt listened to them do,theyre taking over the world headlining every big festival atm),Muse,theyre new album is shit but listen to all theyre other ones an theres great rock songs,Chilis have a new album coming out too,Arctic Monkeys are getting more rockky by the album.It doesnt just arent looking hard estop taking one example like justin biebaer,and saying,aw music is shit now...tht is just retarded,every city has a music scene,i went to a gig last night and heard incredible music by bands you'll never hear of...get off your asses complaining about music on television and LISTEN to good music instead of complaining about bad music.your all just as narrwominded as the people your complaining about

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