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Legal issue about spanking?

What is his proof it is against the law?

There is no law in any state of the USA that is against spanking. So ask him for the exact law.

If you are worried about the legal issues of this contact your local Social Services. Also contact your lawyer and get this agreement in writing.

Spanking children?

Spanking children?

Spanking is wrong, it is lazy parenting, people would rather hit their kids then actually teach and educate them - that takes work, you don't want to work then you shouldn't have taken on the responsibility of having a child.

Hitting a child in the face would be considered abuse but change the location and it is not?

Like some other spanking topic said, everyone always says "I was spanked and turned out fine" well you could say that about anything like "I did drugs but now I am fine, I stabbed someone but now I am fine" come on people, it has been proven that most people in prison and jail were spanked when they were children..It is time to stop physically disciplining these children and find less harmful ways, it has also been proven that spanking can lead some adults to be depressed, there are many more cons to spanking then pros.

The day when spanking is illegal is the day when the world will finally make some sense. Telling a child not to hit and then hitting them is hypocritical. There are a million other ways to discipline a child that work just fine if used correctly, unfortunetly people are to lazy to actually have to do these and do not do them correctly.

Violence Breeds Violence

Spanking your childred?

Spanking your childred?

Spanking is NOT abuse. Its discipline. You got spanked as a child and it worked didn't it? You were told no, did it any way, got spanked and your dad made sure you knew why you got spanked

The Hippie PC Parent who never discipline and rather let their kids run wild call it abuse becosue they dont want to be parents, they want to be their kids friend and let them do what ever the hell they want

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