Adopt-A-Cat Month on June, 2025: A-Cat Month - adopting a cat and howwww?

June, 2025 is Adopt-A-Cat Month 2025. 270 cats need your help Help rescued abandoned kittens and cats. Our costs = 25k per month

adopting a cat and howwww?

Because adopting a cat or kitten, or any other pet, is a serious family decision, CAT has a team of adoption counselors trained to assist you with finding the perfect lifetime companion. They will help you get to know your prospective new feline friend, answer questions, and provide information about cat behavior and care.

CAT is proud to use the “Meet Your Match™ Feline-ality™” program for all cats nine months and older.

To adopt a cat or kitten:

1.Meet the cats.

2.Allow 1-2 hours for your visit.

3.Complete adoption application and contract.

4.Meet with an adoption counselor.

5.Children under 16 accompanied by an adult.

6.Landlord approval requested for renters; please check your lease or renter’s policies prior to coming to CAT.

7.CAT insists on indoor-only homes.

8.Must be 18 years or older and provide proof of residence.

9.CAT reserves the right to refuse an adoption.

If you plan on adopting a cat the same day, please plan to visit the shelter 1-2 hours prior to closing. You can always put a 24-hour hold on a cat if you would like to bring back the rest of your family, or need a little extra time to think about your decision.

More adoption information:

Photos/bios of cats up for adoption-

Adoption policies-

Adoption fees-

Adoption Application Questionnaire-

Compare the cost of a "free" cat to one adopted from CAT-

BTW, CAT stands for Cat Adoption Team. A link to their site is put in the "Sources".

Questions about adopting a cat.?

Questions about adopting a cat.?

The funny thing about cat dander is that it is -not- the fur that affects them. It's what's on the fur, and that's a protein from their saliva. You could wipe down kitty daily or every other day with baby wipes until his reactions subside, because the other funny thing about cat dander and allergies, is that people who are allergic can build up an immunity to them.

My mom's face used to swell up when Dusty just got near her pillow - within 4 months that problem vanished, and now he sleeps on her, no problems.

As for a kitty low in vet bills, this one is a teensy bit easier to handle. Many of the vet bills animals have are a result of an inappropriate diet, and many many vets have touched on this issue recently. If you were to consider a strictly grain-free canned diet or raw (or half and half) you will have virtually no vet bills. It sounds silly at first - I know. But just consider the unnatural outcomes of an unnatural diet. This first article covers that topic well, but the next three sites will explain further:

Another common cause is from over-vaccination, which rawfedcats and this article both explain:

Good luck to you and your sister on getting a kitty that meets your family's needs. (:

Questions about adopting a cat?

Questions about adopting a cat?

Congratulations! I'm always happy to see someone going to adopt from a shelter.

When it comes to deciding between an adult or a kitten (or anything in between) you should take into account your lifestyle. Kittens are babies and like all babies will require more attention and precautions than an adult cat would. If there is someone that is home for most of the day (or at least the kitten wouldn't be left alone for more than a few hours) and is able to supervise, then you can certainly get a kitten. You need to take precautions to kitten-proof the house (making sure that there are no wires for the kitten to chew on or get tangled in, shortening the cords on your window blinds, etc). If there is no one home for most of the day, then you should consider either an older kitten (three months or older) that doesn't need quite so much attention, or an adult cat.

Don't rush the introduction between the cat and your dog. For the first few days, your cat should be in a room that is closed off so that she has time to get used to her new surroundings and people, and can decompress from the stress of a shelter environment. The room should have everything she will need (food, water, litter box, toys) and spend a lot of time with her so that she can get used to you.

Before allowing your dog access to the cat, rub a cloth on the cat to get her scent and let the dog get a good long whiff. Judge her behavior - is she happy and excited or nervous? Ideally the first introduction should be made through a barrier so that the cat can used to her new companion but the dog won't be able to physically get to the cat. Within a few days, you can allow them access to one another so long as the cat has plenty of places to hide if she feels the need to excape the dog. Since your dog has experience with cats, she'll probably remember when to back off if things get too rambunctious. And most cats have no trouble letting it be known when they've had enough, or finding some place to get away from the dog when they need to.

Just take your time and don't rush the process and everything should work out well. Good luck!

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