National Bathroom Reading Month on June, 2025: My 21 month old son does not sleep at night!?

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My 21 month old son does not sleep at night!?

Getting your child to go to bed and stay in bed is an issue that many parents face. Here are some tips for a good night’s sleep for your child as well as for mom and dad.

Create a short routine before bedtime that involves quiet activities that occur in the same order every night. For example, have a snack, put pajamas on, brush teeth, go to the bathroom, say prayers, and read one book. It is important that this routine remains the same every night because the routine cues your child that bedtime is approaching.

Put your child to bed when he is still awake. Children learn how to fall asleep through practice. If you always rock your child to sleep, he will rely on rocking whenever he wakes during the night and needs to go back to sleep… even at 3 in the morning. It is okay to leave the door cracked open if you feel more comfortable doing so. If he attempts an escape, return him to bed and close the door for the rest of the night.

1.Tell him good night and remove yourself from the bedroom.

2.Ignore all of her attempts to summon you back to her room. This may include crying, pleading, demanding, coaxing, and even bargaining. Though this is difficult and even painful for some parents, it is highly effective and will resolve bedtime problems in a relatively short period of time.

3.If your child gets out of bed, transform into a robot-like version of mom or dad and immediately return him to bed. Specific techniques are as follows: lift him up under the arms so that he is facing the same direction as you are, carry him to bed, gently place him in the bed, and adjust the covers. During this time, do not talk to him, do not provide any type of affection (hugs, kisses, soothing, etc.), and of course, do not allow your child to delay bedtime.

4.Persistence, persistence, persistence! When your child gets out of bed, return your escapee to his own bed every single time that he attempts an escape. It will be exhausting and time consuming initially, but in the long term, it will make the process much easier!

5.Reward your child for going to and remaining in bed. Rewards could include adding a star to a sticker chart that eventually earns him a prize, getting a special breakfast cereal, or hiding a surprise under his pillow. Just as adults work in anticipation of a paycheck, your child needs to know that some type of reward will follow. Be sure to explain that he earned the reward because he did a good job going to bed.

For more on putting your child to bed or other parenting issues, visit our website at You can also call the Boys Town National Hotline to speak to a counselor about parenting issues. We are available 24/7 at 1-800-448-3000.

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Is there any assistance for Army National Guardsmen?

Is there any assistance for Army National Guardsmen?

geezus. PUNCTUATION man . how in hell do you expect anyone to read that mess of words without a period let alone paragraphs.

1: you WILL NOT BE GOING AD IN SIX MONTHS. one, the AD component does not allow it at all unless you meet the qualifications for 18x( which, BTW requires a HSD so if all you have is that GED and no college credits you ain't goin' nowhere) oh and another thing.. single parents cannot enlist AD, so if you are not married, you do not meet the requirements either

as for your tale of woe: big freaking whupdidoo. no there is no financial aid other than your drill pay. the whole point is to have a full time job or be enrolled in college and the guard is pocket money.

all your problems are YOUR fault and they could have been easily avoided. you know, finish high school, wear a condom or better yet keep your pants zipped. a young, healthy adult make will NOT qualify for State aid as you are capable of working or attending school to gain skills to find a job.

went to hospital last night..........plz read!!!!?

went to hospital last night..........plz read!!!!?

First of all SALI- the NHS isn't free!?!? well it is to the unemployed but my husband pays NI contributions (national insurance, which goes to towards the NHS) of £249 per month, i also pay NI of £109 per month!!

YES you can change hospitals, speak to your midwife, tell her your putting in a formal complaint and that you want to change hospitals.

I live in hampshire and although iv opted for one hospital, i can give birth in 2 others, they wouldn't turn me away according to my midwife.




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