Air Force Birthday 2023 is on Monday, September 18, 2023: Does the United States Air Force have a Ball like the Marines?

Monday, September 18, 2023 is Air Force Birthday 2023. Won't You Join Me In Wishing A Happy Birthday to our Dear Friend ... Air Force birthday cake

Does the United States Air Force have a Ball like the Marines?

Most Air Force bases have an Air Force Ball, usually in September (to coincide with the AF birthday).

However, at some bases, it isn't very well publicized. Depending on how far down the food chain your boyfriend is, the word might not have gotten down to him. Also, if he works for any unit on base that is not the 'host unit,' they probably forgot to tell him too (I work on a tenant unit on my base and have not been to one since I got here--I am sure they have one, but the word never seems to get out to me and I never bothered looking into it).

Since it is mid-August, have him start asking around and looking in the base paper.

Air Force anniversary?

Air Force anniversary?

Happy Birthday Air Force!! Fly! Fight! Win!

And for hubby... If you ain't Maintenance.... CROSS TRAIN!

My guy friend really loves the air force, and will probably join soon....?

My guy friend really loves the air force, and will probably join soon....?

I was in the Air Force and it's a great service. They have the best schools and food and you fly everywhere instead of marching or being stuck on a ship for months at a time. But you would have to ask your friend, or know what he likes to pick a gift for him that's related to the Air Force. Does he like books with pictures of fighter planes or something like that?

Having been out of the Air Force for a long time now, one gift I would recommend would be this kit called Every Soldiers Battle. It helps men to stay away from having casual sex when they find themselves away from home.

Many an Air Force veteran can tell you about how they caught a disease or got into other trouble fooling around in a foreign country.

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