American History Essay Contest on August, 2024: Is it acceptable to consider Tyra Banks or Tina Turner in a Black History Month essay contest?

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Is it acceptable to consider Tyra Banks or Tina Turner in a Black History Month essay contest?

Absolutely! Although if I might make a recommendation:

Tyra Banks has really furthered herself along in her career and has been giving back consistently since becoming a model. She has a camp devoted to teaching self esteem to teenage girls called "T-Zone". I think all around, Tyra Banks would be a wonderful African American to do an essay on for Black History Month

Cheers and good luck!

essay question please help!?

essay question please help!?

The Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus is proud to~once again~serve as a partner for this year's Hispanic Heritage Month essay contest. Through this contest we can continue to educate Florida’s children about the history and contributions of all the nationalities represented across this great state,” said Chairman of the Florida Hispanic Legislative Caucus Representative Juan~Zapata. “As we prepare to celebrate the diversity of our state's Hispanic culture, it is my hope that this essay contest will encourage our youngest citizens to seek a greater knowledge of the many contributions Hispanic Americans have made in shaping our state's and nation's history."



Ponce de León lands on the coast of Florida and claims it for Spain. Amazed by the beauty of the land he names it "Pasqua Florida," or Feast of Flowers. When the Spanish arrive, there are approximately 350,000 Native Americans from three major nations living in the Florida area: the Apalachee, the Timucua and the Calusa.


Spanish soldiers establish the first permanent Spanish settlement at St. Augustine, the oldest city in the United States. Destroyed and rebuilt many times, the city becomes the key to Spain's hold on the Florida coast as Spaniards fight the French and British for control of the New World.


Pedro Menendez de Aviles and Brother Francisco Villareal are the first Europeans to set foot in what is now Miami. They come to build a Jesuit mission in lands heavily populated by Tequestan Indians.

Early 1700's

The Seminoles, the Native American group most commonly associated with Florida today, enter Florida from Alabama and Georgia. The Seminoles take over territories that were formerly inhabited by many of Florida's original Native American tribes before European-introduced diseases and exploitation destroyed their populations.


Spain cedes Florida to the United States as part of an agreement that recognizes Texas as part of New Spain. Florida's population is an eclectic mix of U.S. settlers, Spaniards, Seminoles, runaway slaves, and English traders.


Citizens of Florida elect Joseph Marion Hernandez to Congress as a territorial delegate. He is the first Latino in the history of the U.S. to serve in Congress.


Florida becomes an American state.


Regular air service is established between Miami and Havana. This service fortifies Miami's role as the United States main link to Cuba.


Fleeing Castro's revolution , 155,000 Cubans leave their homeland. A large number of these Cuban "exiles" settle in an area of Miami known as "Little Havana" because of its overwhelmingly Cuban population. Today, more than 60 percent of Miami's population is Latino, and more than 700,000 Cubans live in the Miami area.


Miami elects its first Cuban-American mayor, Xavier L. Suárez.

History Essay Question #1?

History Essay Question #1?

Hi Danielle,

I think the question is only referring to "In the urban industrial world, different groups of people had different conceptions of freedom." You have defend this statement. You have to point out the possible reasons why the statement is said to be true and adequate. In the succeeding line of your statement you have to point out some scenarios in the American freedom that have been changing which may have been contested/questioned.

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