Animal Rights Awareness Week on June, 2025: Animal abuse project ideas?

Animal Rights Awareness Week 2025. Against animal abuse?‎ Cruelty is being hidden behind closed doors - but you can help

Animal abuse project ideas?

Bring awareness to farm animals abuse and factory farming.. Which is the most looked over form of animal abuse in the world. People don't mind the horrible things done to the animals that feed them as long as they don't have to pay much for milk or meat.

You don't have to be a vegetarian, btw, to be against factory farming. Just support local and organic farmers, rather than corporations like Tysons, BPI, and Smithfield.. But there are plenty of things you could do for your project to bring awareness to this issue...

Being at work all day as fried my brain out from specific ideas...

But I think it would be incredibly awesome for your group to focus on a form of animal OTHER than dog/cat. Why? People are well aware that dogs and cats are abused daily. BUT, they are not as aware of the crimes commited against farm animals, sea life, ect.

Animal RIGHTS vs. Animal WELFARE ~ Your thoughts, please?

Animal RIGHTS vs. Animal WELFARE ~ Your thoughts, please?

Animal Rights is what an animal should be able to depend upon from humans.

Animal Welfare is the proportion of those rights that can be practically upheld by law. The protection agencies having moved the goal posts from being animal protectors to animal law faciltators and enforcers.

I need help making animal awareness brochure?

I need help making animal awareness brochure?

you need:

pictures of animals

how species are dying due to deforestation and the human need for land

facts about the dying population of some species

how people can contribute

what the future holds

Holidays also on this date Sunday, June 1, 2025...