Rip Current Awareness Week on June, 2024: Questions on Anorexia?

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Questions on Anorexia?

I'm 14 too, and i'm very sorry about your friend.

There's no shown improvement in anorexia treatment in the past 10 years, but i think that definitely needs to change.

I'm not sure about the answer to the second one, but most people (teenagers and adults) only live 7 years after they become anorexic.

Current studies are saying that 2 people out of every 100 people have anorexia, and studies show the same result for bulimia.

I want to learn new abilities so i can an ability of dreams in real life?

I want to learn new abilities so i can an ability of dreams in real life?

Have you ever noticed when families get together after someone dies it is like a huge party of family reunion?

That would explain why you dreams of parties instead of a funeral.

I think everybody has predictive dreams at times, but most people just don't pay attention to them. I guess even the alertness to notice is part of the gift of "prophetic dreaming".

Some people are more in touch with the unseen, and are almost like radio receivers, picking up on things going on around them (current but unseen) and also future happenings. They don't even have to be important occurrences. It can be as simple as dreaming a sitcom episode before it happens or dreaming that your best friend will wear new blue earrings tomorrow and then she does. If this happens often, it is just your "senses warming up" and showing you that you do have some level of gifting or awareness not everyone has.

These gifts can be "stirred" into fuller flame into different ways. The safest, most trustworthy way is through prayer. Some people get into occult things like psychics, astrology, numerology, etc. If you have some level of prophetic ability, you don't need these things. You invite spirits in to confuse the mix when you do this.

God, our creator, did not "write our futures in the stars" or "program our lives by numerology." No leaves in a cup or symbols on a card can give us the answers we need. He gave us free will, and to have already have determined all the days of our lives based on what month we were born would be a cosmic rip off.

He wants to speak with each of us personally, in the various situations of our lives, and gives us free will to make good choices for ourselves. The Bible is His basic guideline for our lives, so it is the measuring stick we use to determine if the "voices" we hear or the spirit of our dreams are really from God, or from some other entity trying to lead us down a harmful path. So, it is good to judge any messages we get from dreams or strong impressions in our spirit by the Bible or we could be misled. (For instance, if a dream or impression tells someone to cheat on their husband, that is not from God because the Bible says, "Don't commit adultery!"

I actually get a lot of my dream interpretation skills from the Bible. About 1/3 of the Bible is dream related, either prophetic dreams, the fulfillment of prophetic dreams, the messages of prophetic dreams, etc. Entire books of the Bible are based on prophetic dreams and visions! Also, most of Jesus' teaching was done in story form, so the images in the parables he told are excellent guides for the meaning of symbols in dreams.

Pray for wisdom. Practice on your own dreams. Follow my friend "Jynx of the Tea Leaves" around on Yahoo Answers and notice how she interprets dreams. Her "best answer" score is VERY high. All these things can help you stir that gift if you really want to stir it.

Pray to God and ask Him to safeguard your heart and mind, because someone with a sensitive spirit like yours can be vulnerable to temptation in areas other people may not be. Read the Bible and pray for wisdom daily. You want to be a trustworthy servant if you do have this gift.

A good book for understanding dream symbols is WINDOW OF THE SOUL" by Robert Wise and Paul Meier. He doesn't really affirm predictive dreaming, but he is and EXCELLENT guide into the realm of the dream world and understanding your dreams.

God bless you!

What is it like becoming anorexic?

What is it like becoming anorexic?

Good luck on your project! It's a very interesting topic and I think it's so important to raise awareness of it. :)

Hard to say whether or not it was "cold turkey" or not. The mindset snapped in right away, it was not gradual at all. However, the eating habits were. I went from 1000 calorie limit to 900 to 800 etc... down to what it is currently which is anywhere between -100 and 100. I've dealt with this since about 7th grade, I'm in 9th grade now. No, it wasn't hard to stop eating, at least not at first. It was just hard to keep up with since I was hungry a lot. I lost 4 lbs. in about a week when it first started. That was at, I believe, an 800 calorie limit. It got progressively harder to keep up with though. I fluctuated between 82 - 89 lbs in 7th grade (remember, I was short. Only about 4'9'' or 4'10''!) I have to talk about it in intervals because the eating habits are not constant. I had the crash dieting problem in 7th grade during the school year. I recovered over the summer. In the fall of 8th grade it came back. I was fine again by the winter. Again in the Spring, gone by summer. This year I relapsed worse than ever before. In the last three days I've been on a -100 calorie net limit (meaning I can eat whatever as long as I more than burn it off with exercise.) Physically, it wasn't that bad. I used to not have any issues... or maybe I just didn't notice because of my whacked out emotional state. Now it's harder since I'm at an insane restriction. Let me make it really simple, my dad went to rehab for a drug addiction and my mom wouldn't take him back. That's how it started. Not because I wanted to look like a model, not because of bullying, it did not start out as a weight problem. It was, and always has been, a control thing. I need something constant in my life to keep me sane (ironic, yeah?) Have you ever been so stressed or upset you want to rip out all your hair? That's literally what it is. Only ALL THE TIME. And as you're going through it, it's like your in the middle of a Wizard of Oz-type tornado and you're spinning out of control. You don't know what's up and what's down, what's right and what's wrong, etc. It's like this thing, Anorexia, is this thing that can save you and let you focus on something.

Starting weight- irrelevant because I've grown about two inches since the start but... 90. I remember stepping on the scale and was shocked. I desperately "dieted" to get down to 86 in a week before weigh in at school. I was 4'9''

Current weight- that's a good question... I haven't weighed in today. I'd say probably 88? 87, maybe? I'm 4'11'' now.

If you have any other questions or want to know more or how to get research info, shoot me a message. I'm a huge psychology junkie (more irony...) so I know some great websites to do research. :)

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