Aviation History Month on November, 2024: Black History Month.?

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Black History Month...?

I think that she wanted to make an aviation school.

Black History Month??

Black History Month??

It doesn't celebrate a specific event that happened in February. "Black History Month" was started as a time to celebrate and focus on the accomplishments of key African American people in US history. There are many non-Black people today who would like to see the celebration done away with because they don't think it is necessary (just read some of the questions on this site). But, I believe that is because they don't realize just how many advances in medicine, political science, aviation, education, music, and more they enjoy today that are a direct result of the tenacity and intelligence of an African American.

Aviation history...shuttle?

Aviation history...shuttle?


1. The concept of a reusable space vehicle was not new, and has been suggested by both scientists/thinkers and in fiction prior to the advent of the modern Space Shuttle programme.

2. The Space Shuttle Programme came on the back of the advances made in the Apollo programme, and was conceived withg the idea of lowering costs of getting into space, and to develop ways of better servicing satellites.

3. The Enterprise was the first shuttle, but was used on various flight tests, though did not enter space. A planned refurbishment of the Enterprise did not proceed due to budget cuts.

4. The Columbia was the first shuttle into space, and was revolutionary for it's time. It flew several months late, but the mission was largely successful. The first dozen or so flights were "proving and development" flights. The shuttles were not officially commissioned for a year or more after the first flight. The computing power on board that first is exceeded by most modern small cars, and it contained vacuum tubes. Many retrofits were done on the Columbia before it was lost.

5. The shuttle is committed to a first time landing because it glides after atmospheric re-entry. The Soviet Buran shuttle programme, later aborted, tested the idea of attaching jets to their shuttle so that it had powered flight.

6. The concept of a re-useable space plane, based around what was essentially 1960's technology, proved nowhere near as cost effective as first thought. The Soviet/Russian Soyuz system is actually cheaper, albeit non-reuseable.

7. Shuttles are designed for a 100 mission OR 10 year lifespan. Neither of the two lost made it half so far, Columbia having made 28 flights. All of the craft are more than 10 years old, effectively on borrowed time.

8. The idea of a reuseable vehicle for space flight is still being suggested, so a new generation of such spacecraft might be developed, but there is not time wondow for this, at least from the American side, despite vague claims of a next gen craft.

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